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Camellia 'Yuletide'

Cold-Hardy Shrub Combos

Cold-Hardy Heavenly Bamboo

Three Cold-Hardy Shrub Combos

As the weather cools, we look for shrubs that will thrive in colder temperatures. The choices are endless, and here are three cold-hardy shrub combinations for your yard. Winter never looked better!

Our garden gurus have more cold-hardy shrub choices to share with you in stores. Let us know about your light, soil, and especially temperatures, and we can help you find just the right plants for your yard.

Camellia And A Gem

Camellias are the star of cold-hardy shrubs. The many varieties offer large blooms that show through fall and winter. The colors have an incredible range from white to vibrant pinks and reds. Bring the blooms inside— float them in shallow bowls of water.

For a cold-hardy combination that is unstoppable in winter, plant camellias with boxwood. The stately evergreen of boxwood highlights the larger leaves and big blooms of camellias perfectly. Boxwoods are also easy care and deer resistant.
Camellia Yuletide and Boxwood
Camellia 'Yuletide' and
Boxwood 'Winter Gem'

Juniper And The Moon

This low-maintenance duo will keep your yard looking beautiful in colder seasons. Juniper 'Green Mound' has a low, spreading habit, with dense green foliage, making it perfect to plant as a groundcover. It is also evergreen, deer resistant, waterwise, and thrives full sun or morning sun, afternoon shade.

Contrast the low lying, green foliage of Juniper with the bright red, green and chartreus foliage of Heavenly Bamboo 'Moon Bay'. It is also evergreen and will do well in full sun or morning sun, afternoon shade. When creating your winter bouquets, include cuttings from your 'Moon Bay'.
Juniper Green Mound and Heavenly Bamboo
Juniper 'Green Mound' and
Heavenly Bamboo 'Moon Bay'

Rosemary And Howard

Rosemary 'Tuscan Blue' is an upright, evergreen shrub that attracts bees with its bright blue, petite flowers that appear winter through spring. It also requires full sun, is waterwise, and deer resistant.

Complement this with Manzanita 'Howard McMinn' for a striking look that will attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden. Small, glossy, dark green leaves stand out against attractive smooth red bark, with fragrant white flowers in spring. Manzanita is evergreen, waterwise and does well with full sun or some shade.

Local pollinators will love you for planting these favorites.
Rosemary and Manzanita in bloom
Rosemary 'Tuscan Blue' and
Manzanita 'Howard McMinn'
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