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Full Sun Plant Combos Perfect for The Sacramento Region

Full Sun Plant Combos Perfect for The Sacramento Region

Crape Myrtle Flowering with Pink Blooms

Plant Combos For Success

When it comes to planting, a blank canvas can be intimidating. Create a palette that will hold up to the heat, look nice together, and that offers a little uniqueness. Plant with confidence by using one of our five full-sun combinations and add some of your favorites to the mix.
Plant list includes: Crape Myrtle, Grevillea Costal Gem, Butterfly Bush, Kangaroo Paw
A little something for our pollinators, this combination offers seasonal interest with fall colors from the Crape Myrtle. The Grevillea provides green space for visual order amongst the blooms. Add a birdbath to create a haven for birds and butterflies.
Magnolia Little Gem,  Bareberry Concorde, Boxwood Green Beauty, Flower Carpet Rose
You cannot have too much of a good thing... big magnolia flowers, tried-and-true boxwood, and roses all summer. We've added purple to the mix to make everything pop. Plant roses in groups for masses of long-blooming color.
Plant list includes: Red Maple October Glory, Heavenly Bamboo Obsession, Breath of Heaven, Indian Hawthorn Pink Dancer, Red Maple October Glory
A little more on the traditional side, this collection offers blooms, berries, and fall color. Who said traditional is boring? The red maple will provide fast-growing shade—just what we want during summer. Add pottery filled with bold blooms to punctuate each season.
Plant List: Pineapple Guava, Grevillea Mt Tamboritha, Mat Rush Breeze, Euonymus Green Spire
The best part of this combination is the edible flowers of the Pineapple Guava. Who knew? The variety of leaf sizes and textures provide interest when blooms are not ready to pop. If you're looking to add more to the mix, include Heavenly Bamboo.
Plant List Includes: Oklahoma Redbud, Shor Juniper Blue Pacific, Zonal Geranium, Daylily Stella De Oro
Redbuds are the indicators that spring is upon us. The bright pink blooms on bare branches are striking to see as we roll out of winter. This combination is a waterwise, low-maintenance group. Daylilies come in varying colors, so punch it up with more, more, more.
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