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Full Sun Plant Combos Perfect for The Sacramento Region

Full Sun Plant Combos Perfect for The Sacramento Region

When it comes to planting, a blank canvas can be intimidating. Create a palette that will hold up to the heat, look nice together, and that offers a little uniqueness. Plant with confidence by using one of our five full-sun combinations and add some of your favorites to the mix.
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Dwarf Myrtle, Lamb's Ear and Zonal Geranium

Summer Series III: Create Cool Combos

Looking for some inspiration for plant combinations that will grow in areas that get shade most of the day? We put together three options that will grow well together in afternoon shade, and that require low water once established.
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Foxtail Fern

Summer Series, Part III

Cool Combos
A Live Streaming Event! 
11am on Friday, August 6

Mark your calendar for the third live event of our Summer Series. Join us on Friday, August 6, at 11am as we create cool combos for the summer garden. We'll talk about what plants grow well in the shade, offering colorful foliage and texture for garden interest throughout the year, while requiring less water.

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White Peach 'Babcock'

Summer Series II, Healthy Harvest

You’ve put in the work, now it’s time to reap the rewards of a job well done. If your fruit trees and veggie garden are thriving and putting out good produce—you’ve definitely done something right this season. Let’s keep the bounty coming with some tried-and-true tips from our garden gurus. 
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Cherry tomatoes in a bowl

Summer Snacks: Cooking With Kids

The sixth and final installment of our Summer Series focuses on fun, fresh snacks—inspired by summer's harvest—that kids can create. You heard that right: kids are taking over the kitchen! Wrap up your summer with these super tasty treats and enjoy the final weeks of the season.

We're including a sweet drink recipe that everyone can enjoy and a special playlist to keep everyone on their feet.
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Shade Garden with Gate

Summer Series Part IV, Shady Gardens

So often, we're asked about what to plant in shade. It can be a bit tricky, based on the type of shade you have, but there's no reason you have to sacrifice interesting, playful greenery in your garden space. Take a look at the primary things to consider when planning your shade garden, and check out the recipes we came up with to get you started. 
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Peach Jam in Moscow Mule Cocktail

Swayed To Shade

In the middle of summer, a shade garden is the perfect spot to retreat, sip on an iced drink, and read a book. So what are your planting options for a shade garden? Read on to discover planting tips and trends for creating your own lush, cool shade garden.
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