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Blue Spruce 'Baby Blue'

Living Christmas Trees

Decorate Now, Plant Later

Decorate your living Christmas tree now and plant later to enjoy for many holiday seasons to come. Before you buy, check out our list of a few favorites for our area. Then, find the perfect planting spot and confirm that size and light requirements will make a happy home for your new tree.

Bring your tree inside about a week before Christmas to decorate. Just be sure to place it away from heat sources, and continue to water to avoid drying out. How can you tell if it's drying out? Check the soil at a depth of four to six inches; if the soil feels dry, then it's time to water.

For planting tips, read our Tree Planting Guide.
Tree Planting Guide
Blue Spruce 'Baby Blue'

Blue Spruce 'Baby Blue'

  • Evergreen tree with a compact pyramidal habit
  • Branches covered in silver-blue needles
  • Rough, gray bark
  • Use as specimen, living Christmas tree
  • Deer resistant, attracts birds
  • 15’-30’ tall | 15’ wide
  • Full sun to partial shade
  • Planting Tips: Prefers slightly acidic soil with good drainage. Feed with a multi-purpose fertilizer before new growth in spring.

Blue Spruce 'Baby Blue'
Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Dwarf Alberta Spruce

  • Evergreen tree with a compact, conical habit
  • Dense, soft, very fine foliage
  • Foliage emerges bright green and matures to gray-green
  • Use as specimen, hedge, topiary, container plant, living Christmas tree
  • Deer resistant
  • 6’-8’ tall | 4’-5’ wide
  • Full sun to morning sun, afternoon shade
  • Planting Tips: Tolerant of most soils with good drainage. Prune topiary in winter to maintain shape. Feed in spring, before new growth, with a multi-purpose fertilizer.
Dwarf Albert Spruce
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