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Dog reading dog-friendly plant and product list

Pet-Safe Plants

dog reading dog-friendly handouts

Pet-Safe Plants & Products: Dogs, Cats, Horses

When we share our yards and gardens with our pets, we want to be sure the plants are safe for our furry family members. Our experts and the ASPCA have excellent resources for plants that are safe. We also have a comprehensive list of products that are pet-safe when weeds, diseases or insect pests become a problem.

When you have more questions about a plant and the possible effects it could have on your pet, please speak with your veterinarian for more information.
For a wonderful selection of plants that are dog-friendly, refer to this list. It includes houseplants, trees, shrubs and so much more! Succulents? We remembered to add those too.
The ASPCA has provided additional plant options for you to consider to keep your pets safe.

For each of the ASPCA's lists for dogs, cats, and horses, they have both common and botanical names, making your search even easier. You may also enter the plant name in their home page search bar and find the information you need on that plant without seeing the whole list.
Calathea 'Lancifolia'
Houseplant with beautifully painted, lance-shaped, scalloped leaves. Dark green leaves are flushed, banded with emerald green and dark purple undersides. Listed on the ASPCA non-toxic plant lists for cats, dogs, and horses.
ASPCA Toxic and Non-Toxic Plant List For Dogs
Cats are also known to nibble on plants and we have you covered with these curious pets as well. The excellent people at the ASPCA have a list for non-toxic and toxic plants, making it an excellent resource.
Boston Fern
Evergreen fern has bright-green, arching fronds, comprised of finely-divided, toothed leaflets and it is best as a houseplant. Listed on the ASPCA non-toxic plant lists for cats and dogs.
ASPCA Toxic and Non-Toxic Plant List For Cats
We haven’t forgotten our horse friends either. Their sensitivity to plants is very different from cats and dogs, and the ASPCA has taken that into account with a separate list for them.
Bottlebrush 'Little John'
Dwarf evergreen shrub with lance-shaped, gray-green foliage and blood red, brush-like flowers spring through winter. Listed on the ASPCA non-toxic plant lists for cats, dogs, and horses.
ASPCA Toxic and Non-Toxic Plant List For Horses
When control is needed for weeds, diseases or insect pests, it is just as important to consider how it may affect our pets. Our pet-friendly product list has a full list of products, and important considerations on how to use them to be most effective and safe.

Please speak with our gurus about control options, as timing, application rates and when repeat applications may be made must be followed for effectiveness and safety.
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