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Dog reading dog-friendly plant and product list

Pet-Safe Plants

When we share our yards and gardens with our pets, we want to be sure the plants and products we use are safe for our furry family members. Our experts and the ASPCA have excellent resources to help you create a safe space.
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Bulldog with Sunflower Hat

Pet-Friendly Product List

Protect your animal friends by using products that are considered safer to use around domestic animals. We have a list of a variety of less toxic products for use in your garden and outdoor areas. 

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    Pet-Safe Plants in a Pot

    Dog-Friendly Plant List

    Help keep your furry friends out of harm’s way by incorporating plants into their environment that are non-toxic. Read on for the list of some of our favorites. 

    Although the plants listed are known to be non-toxic to dogs by the ASPCA, we strongly discourage allowing your pet to eat any plant regardless of its toxicity level. Visit the ASPCA website at www.aspca.org for details. 
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