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Japanese Laceleaf Maple 'Tamukeyama'

Recipes Inspired By Summer

Image of Sedge, Japanese Maple, Hydrangea, and Loropetalum

Simply Stunning Recipes For Summer Planting

Ready to put something new in the ground, but not sure where to start? We can help. Select from the planting recipes below that are grouped by sun requirements and will be sure to play nicely together. If you need more ideas, stop by your favorite location to talk with a garden guru and browse the entire collection.

Bay Dream

Plant for our Mediterranean climate with these waterwise wonders that can take full sun. The different colors, leaf shapes, and texture are sure to make a statement in any garden—and they're all easy care.

Full sun and waterwise once established.
Bay Dream Combo Recipe

In The Limelight

Contrasting colors take center stage with this recipe. The bright lime green Hydrangea and chartreuse blades of Sedge juxtaposed next to the brilliant pink Fringe Flower and scarlet Japanese Laceleaf Maple makes for a breathtaking arrangement.

Morning sun, afternoon shade and moderate water.
In The Limelight Combo Recipe

Jeweled Garden

Your garden will sparkle this summer with these sun-loving, colorful jewels. Anchor the arrangement with the dwarf, evergreen Magnolia tree, and surround it with pops of color using the Flower Carpet® Rose (eight colors to choose from!) Barberry, and bright yellow-green foliage of Breath of Heaven.

Full sun and moderate water.
Jeweled Garden Combo Recipe

Tropical Days

Looking to create your own piece of paradise? You've come to the right place with this recipe which features brightly-colored Hibiscus and Canna blooms next to the calming green foliage of the Pygmy Date Palm and Hosta.

Morning sun, afternoon shade and moderate water.
Tropical Days Combo Recipe
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