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6 Spring Container Recipes

Looking for fresh planting ideas this spring? We've created six unique container recipes that are sure to provide you with inspiration. Make it your own by selecting a different container, or using your favorite colors to build these recipes.  
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Diagram of a Potup Recipe

Radiant Potup Recipes

We've created some container recipes for you that will shine for months to come. Planting in containers is a fun way to express your personality and provide pops of color throughout your landscape. Aside from the porch or deck, consider inserting potted  arrangements throughout your garden beds, nestled among shrubs. 

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Japanese Laceleaf Maple 'Tamukeyama'

Recipes Inspired By Summer

Ready to put something new in the ground, but not sure where to start? We can help. Select from the planting recipes below that are grouped by sun requirements and will be sure to play nicely together. Need more ideas? Stop by your favorite location to talk with a garden guru and browse the entire collection. 
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Succulent pumpkin centerpiece

Fall Fest Activities

One thing is for sure—pumpkin season is here! Try your hand at our crafty pumpkin designs—some silly and some seriously beautiful centerpieces. We've included a few seasonal recipes and a blast into the past as we revisit a few crafty projects and recipes from previous fall events. Happy Fall!
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Tomato Soup from Sara Forte

Recipes for Summer

We love growing our own food and we're sure you relish the fruits of your labor too. Sara Forte of the Sprouted Kitchen Blog partnered with us for this blog to share a few timely tomato recipes. If your summer garden is still going strong and you have an abundance of tomatoes, this blog is for you.
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