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Soil Savvy

Healthy Soil Equals Healthy Plants

Healthy, living soil is the key to healthy plants. There are millions of bacteria, fungi and insects which live in the soil and influence its structure, texture and fertility. What you choose to amend and fertilize with has a big impact on the health of these organisms, and therefore the health of your plants.
We’ve carefully selected the best quality soils: they're locally blended using natural and organic material to encourage healthy root growth—without any green or construction waste, found in most packaged soils.

Green waste can contain unwanted pesticide and/or herbicide residue. Construction waste includes pallet chunks, pieces of plastic bender board, or other tossed materials from construction sites.

Over time, carefully selected amendments build healthy soil structure. And, because no two gardens are the same, our gurus will help you to determine the soil blend that’s right for you.

Read on for a few soil suggestions for trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, and acid-loving plants.
Soils & Mulch
Azalea, Camellia & Acid Planting Mix by E.B. Stone Organics
  • Versatile mix that can be used as soil amendment or ready-to-use potting soil
  • Special blend of organic ingredients designed to meet the unique growing needs of most acid-loving plants
  • For azaleas, camellias, and gardenias—along with most varieties of ferns, evergreens, rhododendrons and begonias
  • CDFA certified
Azalea, Camellia & Gardenia Planting Mix
Planting Mix by GreenAll
  • All-purpose, ready-to-use planting mix
  • For in-ground or container plants
  • Mix with native soil or use it as it comes from the bag
  • Use on flowers, shrubs, trees, perennials, vegetables, and bulbs
  • Contains fir bark, perlite, mushroom compost, earthworm castings and a wetting agent
  • CDFA certified
Planting Mix
Soil Booster by GreenAll
  • All-organic soil conditioner for amending flower beds and vegetable gardens prior to planting, or condition soil prior to putting in a new lawn
  • Makes soil easier to work, helps loosen compact soil, conserves moisture and improves soil aeration
  • Use in flower beds and veggie gardens
  • Contains aged fir bark, chicken manure, earthworm castings, bat guano, kelp meal and more
  • Perfect for use in all raised bed planters
  • CDFA certified
Soil Booster
Purely Compost by G&B Organics
  • All-purpose compost for trees, shrubs, bulbs, fruits and vegetables
  • Helps loosen clay soil and improves poor soil
  • Topdress around plants for increased vitality
  • Great for trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits, berries, and vegetables
  • Contains tomato skins, almond shells, rice straw and hulls
  • CDFA and OMRI certified
Purely Compost
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