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Tomato Plant in Rich Soil

Fertilizer & Soil Tips

Healthy, living soil is the key to healthy plants. Millions of bacteria, fungi, and insects live in the soil and influence its structure, texture, and fertility. What you choose to amend and fertilize with has a big impact on the health of these organisms and the health of your plants.
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Shovel in rich soil

Selecting Soils

The soils at our nurseries are created to completely support plants in pots and raised beds. All of our soils are locally sourced, and none contain bio-solids or construction waste. We are proud to say that all of our E.B. Stone™ Organics and G&B soil options are organically certified.

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Hand grabbing mulch

Mulch, Amendments, and Specialty Soils

Healthy plants start with healthy soil. How do you know if you have what you need to give your new and existing plants a well-rounded environment to grow? Well, it starts from the ground up with mulch, amendments, and specialty soils. Read on to learn more about each.
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Hands holding loose soil

Soil Savvy

We’ve carefully selected the best quality soils: they're locally blended using natural and organic material to encourage healthy root growth—without any construction or green waste. And because no two gardens are the same, our gurus will help you to determine the soil blend that’s right for you. Read on for more timely soil suggestions. 
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cool season vegetables

4 Simple Steps to Prep for Fall Veggies

With the cooler weather, aren’t you just itching to get out there in the garden? Well, now’s an ideal time for planting cool-season vegetables: lettuce, kale, peas, beets, and chard. And we’ve got four simple steps to prep for planting beds. 
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