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Dwarf Myrtle, Lamb's Ear and Zonal Geranium

Summer Series III: Create Cool Combos

Stone pagoda sculpture in a garden

Inspiration for Shady Afternoon Spaces

Looking for some inspiration for plant combinations that will grow in areas that get shade most of the day? We put together three options that will grow well together in part shade, and that require low water once established.

What exactly is "shade"?
Dense Shade: no sun all day
Full Shade: less than four hours of direct sun
Part Shade: four to six hours of direct morning sun

Cool Combo#1: Part Shade and Low Water

Daphne (top left)
Evergreen shrub produces an abundance of perfumed, pink flower clusters mid-winter through spring. Green foliage adds interest with narrow, yellow margins.

Foxtail Asparagus Fern (top right)
Semi-evergreen fern with fluffy, needle-like, bright green foliage. Great for bright texture.

Black Mondo Grass (bottom)
Evergreen perennial with grassy foliage that emerges green and quickly ages to an almost true black. Short spikes of tiny pink flowers bloom in summer.
Daphne, Foxtail Fern, and Black Mondo Grass

Cool Combo #2: Part Shade and Low Water

Heavenly Bamboo ‘Obsession’ (top left)
Evergreen shrub displays fiery red new growth, turning red and purple in the fall.

Firecracker Plant (top right)
Attract hummingbirds to your shade garden with this perennial that blooms with an abundance of red, orange, or yellow tubular flowers spring through summer.

Stonecrop (bottom)
Family of succulents (Stonecrop 'Dragon's Blood shown) with many different color and foliage options—all easy care and waterwise.
Cool Combo Heavenly Bamboo, Firecracker Plant, Stonecrop

Cool Combo #3: Part Shade and Low Water

Dwarf Myrtle (top left)
Evergreen shrub makes an attractive border or low hedge with small, delicate, aromatic leaves.

Silver Carpet Lamb’s Ear (top right)
Grown mostly for its velvety silver-green foliage, this evergreen perennial can be used to add contrast and texture to borders, containers and waterwise gardens.

Zonal Geranium (bottom)
Scalloped leaves and stalks bearing large clusters of brightly-colored flowers spring through summer.
Cool Combo Dwarf Myrtle, Lamb's Ear, and Zonal Geranium
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