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tomatoes on the vine

Tips For Growing Fall Tomatoes

Ripe Tomatoes growing on vine

Plant For A Fall Harvest

Living in North Texas offers the advantage of harvesting tomatoes twice a year due to the favorable climate. When planted during springtime, tomatoes yield sun-ripened fruits in the early summer. Additionally, if you plant tomatoes in late summer, you can enjoy a few fall harvests before the arrival of cold weather. Why not enjoy a bounty of fresh tomatoes this fall?
Tomato Start in four inch pot

The Optimal Time to Plant Tomatoes

Starting from Seed: Tomatoes intended for a fall harvest can also be started by seed. By sowing the seeds indoors as early as May, you can ensure they will be ready for transplantation by July. Opting for starting from seed offers several advantages, including a wider range of available varieties and potential cost savings.

Starting from Starts: Typically, late July to early August is the perfect time to get tomato starts in the ground. This strategic timing allows the young plants ample time to establish roots and yield multiple rounds of fruit before the arrival of the first frost. When temperatures are unseasonably high, it makes sense to hold off until mid to late August.
Raised bed with tomato

Tips for Planting in Summer Heat

  • When planting in midsummer it is important to take heat into consideration. Hot nursery containers do not retain water for very long, so be sure to plant new plants in the ground or a large container as soon as possible.
  • If you plan on waiting to plant, keep your plant out of direct sunlight and water when the top layer of soil is dry.
  • Plant early morning or evening, when it's cooler, to reduce plant heat stress—and you'll be more comfortable too!
  • Remember when watering, to direct it towards the soil avoiding the leaves. Water droplets on the leaves can cause the formation of diseases.
  • Consider using a shade cloth for your new plants for the first couple weeks so they can get acclimated to sun rays.
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