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Large Ginkgo Tree

Top Legacy Trees for Sacramento

Home Shaded by Large Trees

10 Trees for Generations of Beauty

There’s something majestic about an old legacy tree. And planting a tree is a big decision. It’s likely the tree you plant today will survive for generations to come. Why not plant a tree that will leave a legacy of health and beauty?
  • ‘Keith Davey’ Pistache
    A popular Pistache known for its seedless quality. At maturity, it stands 30′-50′ tall and wide. It prefers full sun and is drought tolerant once established. The bright green summer foliage turns bright orange and red during fall, before losing its leaves for the winter.

  • ‘Autumn Blaze’ Maple
    A fast-growing tree with a rounded crown. At maturity, it stands 40′-50′ tall and 30′-40′ wide. Its dense growth provides thick shade. The fall color is vivid orange-red, before losing its leaves for the winter.

  • ‘October Glory’ Maple
    A rapid growing popular maple. At maturity, it stands 30′-40′ tall and 40′ wide. The sizzling red-orange color in late fall is worth the wait and lasts longer than others. Thrives in full sun and is drought tolerant once established.

  • Black Tupleo
    A beautiful specimen tree with an oval crown. At maturity, it stands 30′-50′ tall and 20′-30′ wide. Its dark glossy green leaves turn bright red, scarlet and purple in fall. It requires only moderate water and is drought tolerant once established. Full sun to partial shade.

  • Live Oak
    Native to California, a deciduous tree with a massive, broad habit. It's best used in water-wise landscapes, native gardens, or large spaces with good drainage. At maturity, one can grow to 70' tall and wide. It has dark green leaves with light undersides and the large branches often have a contorted shape. Thrives in Full sun and is immune to Sudden Oak Death (SOD).

  • Redbud
    There is a variety of Redbuds and one of our favorites is the Oklahoma Redbud. It is a showy specimen for smaller yards, standing 10′-18′ tall and wide at maturity. The beautiful dark magenta flowers are a sure sign spring is here. The green heart-shaped leaves turn orange-yellow in fall. It requires only low water once established, thrives in full sun and a variety of soils.

  • Deodar Cedar
    A graceful specimen for large landscapes. This tree needs plenty of room to showcase its drooping shape. At maturity, it stands 40′-50′ tall and 20′-30′ wide. It’s evergreen with a gray-green color that adds interest to a number of landscape styles. Plant away from walkways and driveways.

  • Chinese Hackberry
    An important source of pollen for honey bees, the Chinese Hackberry is a beautiful tree with a rounded crown that provides a full canopy of dappled shade in the summer. In autumn, the edible orange fruit hangs with yellow-orange leaves before falling to the ground. The grey bark creates interest in the winter, when the tree is bare. At maturity, it stands 40′ tall and 35′ wide. Allow plenty of room for this tree to show its shape. Not recommended near driveways and walkways.

  • Ginkgo (male)
    A graceful tree, native to small areas in China, the Ginkgo is a slow-grower to a mature size of 70′-80′ tall and 35′-50′ wide. The light green leathery leaves turn yellow and drop quickly in fall. The umbrella shape takes full form with age. It thrives in full sun and moderate water.

  • Sweet Bay
    A shrub that takes pruning to tree form very easily. At maturity, it stands at 12'-40' tall and wide. If left as a shrub, it grows in a natural conical shape. The edible leaves and strongly scented foliage make this a beautiful addition to a Mediterranean landscape. Sweet Bays are often used as privacy trees and shrubs. It requires low water once established.
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