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Swiss Chard

What To Grow In November

Autumn has arrived, bringing ample chances to cultivate various cool-season vegetables and annuals. Explore the optimal seeds to plant, vegetables to transplant, and annual flowers to grow during the month of November.
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Palo Verde tree yellow blooms

Fall Is A Great Time For Planting Trees

Fall is the perfect time to plant trees that will grow and provide beauty, shade, and enjoyment for many years to come. Why fall? Read on for our garden guru's list of five trees that are ideal for fall planting. 

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Maple leaves with red, orange, and yellow fall color

September Garden Solutions

September is a significant transition month from hot summer to milder fall, which allows us to take advantage of another prime planting season. The air is cooling down, but the soil is still warm, creating the perfect conditions to encourage root growth before summer hits. This month, our experts are getting questions about weeds, leaf loss, and putting in new plants.
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A selection of winter veggies

Fall Veggie Prep

Warm soils and temperatures at summer’s end are the perfect time to start 
cool-season veggies. Those veggies will take advantage of that warmth to significantly grow before it cools down in winter. Our gurus have put together four simple steps to prep for cool-season veggies. Lettuce, kale, peas, beets, chard and so much more are going to thrive in your winter garden.
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Green Acres 5 gal bucket with fall gardening items

Fall Gardening

If you're thinking about growing a vegetable garden this fall or would like to gift someone with the perfect fall gardening kit, we have some great suggestions for an easy, all-in-one growing kit, that is sure to please green thumbs everywhere—from beginners to seasoned gardeners.
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Mature Green Japanese Maple

Japanese Maples

Japanese Maples are a garden favorite because of their graceful and elegant branching habit. Available in a variety of sizes and forms, including upright, weeping, broadleaf, and laceleaf, they provide year-round interest. Read on to learn why they are local favorites and how to care for them.
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Heavenly Bamboo 'Firepower'

Fall Planting

Did You Know? What new plants really want is warm soil and pleasant temperatures, which will allow them time to develop into mature plants before next summer.

Plan to put things in the ground from about September 15 through November 15, to get the best of both the soil and temperature worlds.

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Fall Garden with Mums, Pumpkins and Lawn

Fall Planting

As fall approaches, the days are still warm and the nights are cooling off. Plants slowly begin to shift energy away from producing leafy growth, beautiful flowers and tasty fruit, to building strong roots—which makes fall the perfect time to put something new in the ground. Read on for more reasons to plant in the fall, along with a few planting ideas to get you started.
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Daphne 'Marginata'

Our Go-To Fall Planting Combos

Fall is an ideal time to plant trees and shrubs because the air is cooling down, but the soil is still warm...the perfect conditions to encourage root growth before we get into next summer's heat. Read on for four planting combos you can plant now.
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