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Japanese Aralia

Tropical Plants

Yellow and orange speckled canna lily

Poolside Tropicals

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your yard, you know it becomes the center of attention during the summer season, and we have fabulous tropical plants to complete the look of your own private oasis. Tropical plants are beautiful by the pool, adding breezy looks, airy, dappled shade, and cooling temperatures. We can help you mix in the look and feel of an island beach right in your own back yard.

Ornamental Grasses

If you haven’t considered ornamental grasses before for a tropical beach look, we have some incredible choices that do very well in our Mediterranean climate. They sway gently with the wind, adapt to almost all soil types, handle full sun, and many options are waterwise.

These grasses make an excellent focal point as they come in a variety of heights, colors, and blade thickness. Ornamental grasses are also ideal to complement and show off other tropical plants. The combination choices are nearly endless. The New Zealand Wind Grass is one of our favorites to design the perfect beach look.
New Zealand Wind Grass (pictured)
Ornamental Grass Collection

Palms & More

For a signature tropical look, there are palms for every area, even in pots. Palms are generally cold hardy, easy to care for, and evergreen—providing year around interest. The Pindo Palm is lovely, with fine arching fronds that cast delightful shade; and the Canary Island Date Palm is larger and magnificent, and will definitely be a poolside favorite.

For dark green, shiny, beautiful tropical leaves, we also have a beautiful Japanese Aralia, which can grow up to eight feet tall.
Japanese Aralia (pictured)
Palm Collection

Finishing Touches

Create a resort atmosphere with some beautiful outdoor lighting. Talk to our experts for lighting suggestions that will really show off your pool and plants to their very best into the evening. Or add a strand of market lights for a fun and festive look.

And finally, come browse our Outdoor Living department to add a pop of color poolside with a new umbrella, cushions, or accent pillows.
Did you know? Our website includes companion plant suggestions, and pull down menus for Plant Characteristics and a Green Thumb Guide.

And as always, our in-store garden gurus are available to help you make the final choices. Let them know what your site conditions are, where the sun is, how close to the pool the plants will be, and they can review options with you. Show off your pool by complementing with tropical plants and grasses to create your very own oasis at home.
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