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Vibrant Violas & Plentiful Pansies

What’s not to love about pansies and violas? Their charming little flowers are available in an unbeatable array of colors and patterns. They bloom prolifically throughout winter, when most other plants are dormant. Plus, they’re one of the easiest cool-season annuals to grow in Sacramento. Read on for more reasons to color your season with our palette of pansies.

What’s the Difference Between A Pansy and Viola?

Pansies and violas are both botanically known as Violas. The main difference is that pansy flowers tend to be larger. There are many varieties of perennial violas, but the kind we tend to fall in love with are the annuals: Viola tricolor and Viola wittrockiana. We carry the largest selection of violas & pansies in the Sacramento Area, so whatever color suits your style, you’re sure to find it in our nurseries.

Find the Right Location

They thrive in partial-to-full sun in our climate, and will bloom abundantly fall through spring. Once established in the fall, they can take low-moderate water throughout the winter, surviving on rainfall alone.

Our favorite way to use these cheerful flowers is by planting them over spring-blooming bulbs such as bearded iris, daffodils or tulips. That way, you can keep your garden vibrant throughout the winter with a lovely surprise popping up in spring.

As if that wasn’t enough, violas are also edible and make beautiful additions to salads and desserts.*

*When growing flowers for human consumption, always be sure to stick to organic pesticides and fertilizers.

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