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At Green Acres Nursery & Supply we offer fresh sod, locally grown by Delta Bluegrass Company

Native Mow Free ™

  • Idaho fescue - Festuca idahoensis
  • Molate fescue - Festuca rubra
  • Western Mokelumne fescue - Festuca occidentalis

A versatile grass that can be maintained as a turf lawn or left un-mowed to create a meadow like appearance. This blend is specifically designed for areas that receive up to 50% daily shade.

Native Bentgrass ™

  • Agrostis pallens

The industry’s 1st choice for native lawn areas. It requires consistent mowing at 11/2” to 2” resulting in the appearance of a traditional lawn. This variety thrives in full sun or partial shade and will tolerate low impact foot traffic.

Delta Grassland Mix ™

  • Junegrass – Koleria macrantha
  • Junegrass – Koleria macrantha
  • Molate fescue – Festuca rubra

A premium soft grass with emerald green color, that provides a unique European look when used in ornamental and roof top gardens.

Native Preservation Mix ™

  • Junegrass - Koleria macrantha
  • Purple needlegrass - Stipa pulchra
  • Nodding needlegrass - Nessella cernua
  • Molate fescue - Festuca rubra

The complex beauty of this dark green fine textured grass is showcased in the rolling meadow effect it demonstrates.

Biofiltration Sod ™

  • Purple needlegrass - Nasella pulchra
  • Molate fescue - Festuca rubra
  • California barly - Hordeum californicum
  • Meadow barley - Hordeum brachyantherum

A combination of dryland and wetland species that can tolerate drought conditions and limited amounts of standing water. Also provides excellent stabilization and erosion control.



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