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Pink Tulips in Garden Bed

Spring-Blooming Bulbs

In the fall, you’re probably not thinking about planning next spring’s garden, but it’s actually the ideal time for planting flower bulbs. Spring-flowering bulbs need a long period of time underground during the winter months so they can bloom beautifully when it’s warm again. Read on for our bulb planting tips.
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Specialty pumpkins

Pumpkins 101

Pumpkins are some of the longest tenants in our gardens, requiring up to four months of growth and maturation before harvest. We have tips for a successful crop by All Hallow’s Eve.


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MP Rotator Nozzle

Irrigate Efficiently

There is great news for our lawns! Just by trading out your old sprinkler heads for MP Rotators, you can grow a healthier, stronger lawn without using more water. To make the deal even sweeter, MP Rotators qualify for many rebates through your city or water provider.



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Green leaves covered with frost

Preparing Your Yard For Winter

In our region, we are lucky to have a very long growing season paired with a short winter. However, in the winter it is often cold enough to cause damage to the plants or fixtures in your yard. Follow our steps to keep your garden in shape this winter, and ready for spring next year.
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Display of colorful fall shrubs

September Garden Tasks

September gives us the gift of lowered temperatures to reward us for having gotten through August in one piece! In September, there are some really enjoyable garden tasks that are quick to do and make for healthy fall gardens. We’ll talk ants, lawn, and fall planting preparation.



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Summer Snacks: Cooking With Kids

Summer Snacks: Cooking With Kids

The sixth and final installment of our Summer Series focuses on fun, fresh snacks—inspired by summer's harvest—that kids can create. You heard that right: kids are taking over the kitchen! Wrap up your summer with these super tasty treats and enjoy the final weeks of the season.

We're including a sweet drink recipe that everyone can enjoy and a special playlist to keep everyone on their feet.
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Hands planting a strawberry plant in organic soil mixture

Organic Fertilizers

With changing water cycles in California, gardeners are looking for waterwise options when it comes to fertilizers. And, when it’s hot, it’s important to use products that won’t burn. Organics fertilizers are gaining momentum because they help maintain beautiful gardens without using a lot of water. Read on to discover a few ways organic fertilizers help plants use less water.
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Snow In Summer Perennial

Firewise Landscaping

We're often asked about plants that are suited for a firewise landscape. We have a selection of some of our favorites that do well in our region. But plants are just one part of creating a firewise landscape, so we've included links to some experts who know the best practices for establishing defensible space.
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Vegetable Gardens

Vegetable Gardens

This is our favorite time of year—tomatoes are plentiful, there’s enough zucchini for the neighbors, and we’re pickling to enjoy when the season’s over. Hard to believe it’s time to talk winter veggies. Let's look at some of the benefits and planting timeline of winter gardening.

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