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Butterfly feeding from a Lantana bloom VISIBILITY::CA,TX

Lovely Lantana

Are you looking for a beautiful heat-loving shrub that produces stunning blooms all summer long? If so, lantana might be your garden's next superstar. Their brightly colored pincushion flowers are irresistible to butterflies and hummingbirds. Choose from a variety of different colors. Read on for more information about the types of lantana and how to care for them.
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Hybrid Tea Rose 'Enchanted Peace' VISIBILITY::CA

Rose Varieties 2022

We've just received fresh shipments of roses for the spring and summer gardening seasons. Plant this classic garden shrub for beautiful flowers, in many shapes, sizes, and fragrances. Choose from over 50 varieties of hybrid tea, grandiflora, floribunda, climbing roses and more. 
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Wild Boar Farms Exotic Tomatoes VISIBILITY::CA

Wild Boar Farms Exotic Tomatoes

Stop in for more... Wild Boar! Wild Boar Farms is back again this year offering tomato varieties popular for their unique color combinations and outstanding flavor. Read on for some of the exotic tomato varieties our nurseries are offering this season, including a few favorites from last season—like 'Black Beauty' and 'Cosmic Eclipse'.
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Fertilizer & Soil Tips

Healthy, living soil is the key to healthy plants. There are millions of bacteria, fungi and insects which live in the soil and influence its structure, texture and fertility. What you choose to amend and fertilize with has a big impact on the health of these organisms, and therefore, the health of your plants. Read on for tips about fertilizers, soil, and plant nutrients. 
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Azalea 'Green Glow' VISIBILITY::CA

Azalea Care Tips

Welcome spring with blooms that provide stunning color as accents or mass plantings. These evergreen shrubs prefer filtered shade to morning sun. Read our tips for planting and care to keep azaleas green and blooming.  
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Frost on nettle leaves VISIBILITY::CA

December Garden Solutions

Our experts have been getting questions in December about frost protection, watering in winter, and preparing for the upcoming arrival of bareroots. Read on for information to help you give your plants good care this month.


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Living Christmas Trees

Living Christmas trees are an excellent choice for those who want a tree for generations. Our living Christmas trees are an ideal height, are easy to care for, and best of all allow Christmas to be remembered for decades to come by planting it in your yard when the holiday is over.

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Peach Leaf Curl on Fruit Tree VISIBILITY::CA

November Garden Solutions

For November, our experts are getting questions about plant care during the dormant season. Dormant care is all about prevention. Preventing diseases, insects and weeds from taking over next year is our task in winter. Dormant sprays, pruning, and adding mulch does so much to keep our plants healthy, and it all begins this month.

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Orange Tree 'Cara Cara' VISIBILITY::CA

Growing Citrus

There is so much to appreciate about citrus trees. They are hardy, will thrive in challenging soils, can be grown in pots or directly in the ground, and are very generous with delicious fruit and a long harvest season. We have some growing tips to help you find success along the way. 
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