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Butterfly drinking nectar from lantana flower

Create A Habitat For Butterflies

Buttferfly sitting on pincushion flower

Beautiful Butterflies

In California, there are more than 170 distinct species of butterflies, which not only assist in pollinating plants but also serve as an essential gauge of the well-being of an ecosystem. One way to support the preservation of these fascinating insects is to establish a hospitable habitat for butterflies in your garden. Meet some of our fluttering neighbors that you can attract to your yard.
painted lady butterfly
Pipevine Swallowtail
Wester Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly
Large mix of perennial and annual flowers

Invite Butterflies

Attract these winged wonders to your garden, with nectar-producing flowers that meet the needs of the specific species you like. Butterflies perceive the ultraviolet light spectrum and are most attracted to pink, white, and red flowers. Like us, butterflies are also drawn to sweet-smelling flowers through receptors on their antennae. They love flowers with spacious landing pads, making it easy for them to perch and sip nectar. Blend flowering plants that offer nectar, sweet smells and landing pads to create an environment that appeals to a diverse group of butterflies.
Butterfly drinks water from running fountain

Be A Good Host

Now that you've got butterflies coming to your garden party, make sure you're a good host. Offer shelter by planting trees and shrubs. Avoid using harmful non-organic pesticides when treating for pests and disease, as they can be detrimental to butterflies and other beneficial insects. Serve up some water in a shallow dish filled with pebbles. If you're lucky, you'll have guests who don't want to leave.
Flowering plants butterflies will love
Pincushion Flower
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