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Bumble Bee on Dill Flower

Grow A Pollinator Buffet

Add plants that attract pollinators to improve the production of ornamental blooms, and the harvest from your edible garden. You don't need a large yard to satisfy their appetites; pollinators appreciate strategically-placed potted plants or hanging baskets. Plus browse our collection of pollinator favorites.
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Butterfly drinking nectar from lantana flower

Create A Habitat For Butterflies

Discover expert tips and plant recommendations for creating a butterfly-friendly garden. From choosing the right flowers to providing essential resources, learn how to attract these delightful pollinators to your garden and enjoy their beauty.
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Sage 'Garden Grey'

Summer of Salvias

Salvia, commonly referred to as sage, is a great addition to the multi-faceted garden. These sun-loving perennials attract beneficial pollinators, produce beautiful flowers, and can be used in culinary creations. Plant a palette of colors and sizes.
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Perennial garden in bloom

Summer Series Part II, Pollinators

Pollinators play an essential role in our ecosystem and in the habitat of your garden. So why not invite those insects or animals that move pollen from one flower to the next—into your garden? Flowers are designed to attract pollinators with their bright colors and enticing fragrance. Bees and butterflies are probably the most well-known pollinators—but others include hummingbirds, bats, and small mammals, along with insects like beetles, and ants.
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Pollinator friendly plant combination in a container

Playful Pollinator Paradise

Playful Pollinator Paradise
An Instagram Live Event!
4:00pm on Friday, June 26 

We're going LIVE for our second Summer Series focusing on the pollinators, in celebration of National Pollinator Week. Mark your calendar and join us for a hands-on pollinator container garden, a lavender-honey cocktail, and special music provided by our guest DJ so you can plant, sway and sip.
Check the garden supply list to make sure you have everything you need to play along with us in pollinator paradise.
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Yellow Coneflower

Plants For Pollinators

Designing a garden for pollinators? Read on for a few tips and a list of some of our favorite plants for pollinators, grouped by bloom time.
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    Spanish Lavender

    About Lavender: Pruning and Culinary Tips

    Lavender is an evergreen perennial that is perfect for the Mediterranean climate here in the Sacramento area. It is drought tolerant and thrives in the heat, requiring full sun for 6-8 hours per day. Learn how to prune and care for lavender to keep it blooming. 

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    Bee on Salvia

    Reimagine Your Landscape: Pollinators

    Pollinators play an essential role in our ecosystem and in the habitat of your garden. So, what can you do to draw pollinators to your garden? Plant for pollinators. Read on for some tips and a few of our favorites.
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