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Peace Lily

Easy and Stylish

6 Easy Houseplants for Stylish Decor

Houseplants have made a resurgence because of their versatility as part of home decor. Incorporate houseplants into your design with confidence. We've narrowed down a long list of our favorites for beginners or the absent-minded gardener.
Please note: we noted the plants that are known to be toxic to pets by the ASPCA. We strongly discourage allowing your pet to eat any plant regardless of its toxicity level. Visit the ASPCA website at for details.

Often referred to as Mother-in-Law's Tongue, Snake Plant (Sansevieria) is at the top of our list for easy care, and it plays well with contemporary decor. The upright growth makes a clean, structural statement. What makes this an easy plant to grow is that it does not require water as often as some houseplants, and it grows slowly, so there is not a lot of trimming required.

A few growing tips: plant in well-draining, enriched cactus potting mix. Let the soil dry completely between watering. Fertilize monthly and allow plants to "crowd" pot before transplanting.
  • Size: 1'-3' tall, 1'-2' wide
  • Light Requirement: Low to Bright, Indirect Light
  • Water Needs: Low
  • Growth Habit: Upright, Columnar
  • Growth Rate: Slow
  • Attributes: Evergreen, Air Purifier, Waterwise
  • Toxic to pets

Chinese Money Plant or Pancake Plant

A popular houseplant on social media and for good reason: its unique round leaves add a little whimsy to just about any style of decor. Play off of the fun leaf shape with a colorful pot, or give it a classic look with a white, grey or black container.

A few growing tips: grows best in well draining, sandy soils. Feed sparingly with a houseplant fertilizer. Allow the soil to dry out between watering.
  • Size: 8"-12" tall, 8"-12" width
  • Light Requirement: Bright Indirect Light
  • Water Needs: Moderate
  • Growth Habit: Upright, Mounding
  • Growth Rate: Moderate
  • Attributes: Evergreen

We'd be remiss if we didn't mention these unconventional houseplants. Air plants are some of the easiest to grow and can be displayed just about anywhere inside. They truly look good displayed on wood branches, in low bowls, baskets, in bare terrariums, or wire stands.

A few growing tips: Air Plants thrive in bright indirect light and do not require soil to grow. Completely wet with either a squirt bottle or submerge once or twice a week. In drier conditions, increase watering frequency. They will rot if submerged or left on a wet surface for a long period of time. Fertilize, with a mild solution once a month. Keep away from drafts and windows.
  • Size: Varies
  • Light Requirement: Bright Indirect Light
  • Water Needs: Low
  • Growth Habit: Weeping, Rosette, or Upright
  • Growth Rate: Slow
  • Attributes: Easy Care, Evergreen

A perfect beginner houseplant for those who want a 'no fuss' decorative plant. The glossy oval leaves can tolerate low light, little water, and low humidity. You can imagine this plant in just about any style of pot, and because it can get tall, it's perfect for a tabletop until it reaches a good height to sit on the floor.

A few growing tips: plant in enriched, well-draining cactus potting mix. Allow plants to "crowd" pot before transplanting to a larger size. Feed with houseplant fertilizer sparingly to avoid top heavy growth. Prune spent branches to keep a clean appearance.
  • Landscape Size: 6' tall, 1'-2' width
  • Light Requirement: Medium to Bright Indirect Light
  • Water Needs: Low
  • Growth Habit: Upright, Arching
  • Growth Rate: Slow
  • Attributes: Evergreen, Air Purifier, Waterwise

One of our favorites for air purification, the Peace Lily is the quintessential houseplant. Where a lush houseplant is in order, this one fits the bill, and will look good in a traditional or transitional design setting. A light colored pot will make the dark green leaves stand out.

A few growing tips: plant in enriched soil with good drainage. Prefers high humidity. Fertilize once a month with a multipurpose indoor plant fertilizer for best foliage and consistent flowering.
  • Size: 1'-6' tall, 3'-6' width
  • Light Requirement: Bright, Indirect Light
  • Water Needs: High
  • Growth Habit: Upright
  • Growth Rate: Moderate
  • Attributes: NASA Air Purifier, Easy Care,
    Long Bloom Season

A throwback to the 70s, the spider plant has a new generation of admirers for its ability to tolerate a little neglect and still look great. Plus, this fast-growing gem can be displayed hanging or where it can trail along a tabletop. The plantlets that form on long stems can be plucked and planted in small pots to give to friends.

A few growing tips: if grown in low light, plants will grow slowly. Allow the soil to dry between watering. In spring and summer, feed with a water-soluble houseplant fertilizer. Divide your plant when it gets too large for its container.

  • Landscape Size: 6"-12" tall, 6"-24" tall
  • Light Requirement: Bright Indirect Light to Low light
  • Water Needs: Moderate
  • Growth Habit: Trailing
  • Growth Rate: Moderate
  • Attributes: Air Purifier, Evergreen
  • Toxic to pets
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