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Amaryllis bloom VISIBILITY::CA

Holiday Blooms: Amazing Amaryllis

Fill your holiday season with the fragrance and beauty of this easy-to-grow indoor bulb. Amaryllis bulbs are available in a wide range of colors and sizes, can be grown with or without soil, make an excellent cut flower, and are perfect for holiday gifting or to add a bright spot to your home during the cold winter season. They provide a fun, hands-on learning project for kids, too.
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Houseplants in bright sunny room

Create Your Indoor Jungle

Experience the calming effects of nature while indoors. Indoor gardens connect us to our primal origins, help to purify the indoor air and offer a sense of well-being. Create your own indoor jungle with our design and growing tips, along with plant combinations to transform your home into a lush oasis.
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Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid

Living in Opulence with Orchids

Orchids provide beautiful blooms for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. What happens though when the flowers wilt and fall off? Read along as we sprout some knowledge on caring for your orchid and how to get them to bloom again.
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Golden Pothos

5 Easy-Care Houseplants

Looking for easy-care houseplants to to add personality to your home or office space? We've got five suggestions—and all are easy to care for whether you're a beginner or more experienced. 
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Planted Terrarium

Creating a Miniature Jungle with Terrariums

Odds are, you do not have a terrarium at home. And why not? They are fun to create, easy to maintain, and these small, indoor gardens are the latest trend in office and home décor. What began as a way to observe bugs in the early 1800s, ultimately changed the way plants were transported around the world, and is now popular with plant enthusiasts who want to bring nature inside. 
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Peace Lily

Easy and Stylish

Houseplants have made a resurgence because of their versatility as part of home decor. Incorporate houseplants into your design with confidence. We've narrowed down a long list of our favorites for beginners or the absent-minded gardener.
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