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Green Acres 5 gal bucket with fall gardening items

Fall Gardening

Fall Gardening Kit

Fill Up A Bucket!

If you're thinking about growing a vegetable garden this fall or would like to gift someone with the perfect fall gardening kit, we have some great suggestions for an easy, all-in-one growing kit, that is sure to please green thumbs everywhere—from beginners to seasoned gardeners.

Fall Gardening Kit

  • Green Acres Nursery & Supply Garden Bucket: Our all-purpose, five-gallon bucket comes in handy for all kinds of tasks around the garden from hauling dirt to pulling weeds.
  • Gloves: Our nurseries offer a large selection of gloves, depending on the task at hand (pun intended!). The Bellingham® Bamboo Gardener™ gloves (pictured) are as comfortable as they are durable and made from seamless bamboo nylon.
  • The Corona® Comfort Trowel is one piece with a lightweight and durable aluminum alloy head, and cushioned, non-slip grips for comfort.
  • E.B. Stone™ Organics Seed Starter Mix: A lightweight potting mix blended for starting all types of seeds and for rooting cuttings.
  • E.B. Stone™ Organics Sure Start: Natural, organic fertilizer formulated to develop strong roots and sturdy growth in any plant.
  • Jiffy® Round Peat Pot 3": Starting new plants from seed is easy with these preformed pots that can go straight from indoors to the ground without unsettling young roots.
  • Seed/Plant Labels: Easily label all your seeds and plants for quick, reliable identification. Wood, zinc, copper and plastic options available.
  • Seeds: Our nurseries offer a huge selection of heirloom and hybrid varieties for you to browse so you can find old favorites and new varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers.
  • Green Acres Nursery & Supply Reusable Bag: Strong, durable, and bright green—these reusable bags come in handy in the garden, at the nursery, and around the house. Folds into a handy carrying pouch.
  • Green Acres Nursery & Supply Gift Card: Everyone enjoys receiving a gift card to select something new for the garden when the next season rolls around!
Fall Gardening Kit Collection
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