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Heavenly Bamboo 'Firepower'

Fall Planting

Heavenly Bamboo Firepower

Why Fall Is A Good Time For Planting

Did You Know? What new plants really want is warm soil and pleasant temperatures, which will allow them time to develop into mature plants before next summer.

More importantly, there is a time of year that offers that, and it is here right now! If you plan to put things in the ground from about September 15 through November 15, you’ll get the best of both the soil and temperature worlds.
It's All About Those Roots...
Just like it takes a long time for the soil to get warm in spring, it takes a long time for it to become cold in winter, which gives you lots of time to get a little plant into a mature plant by planting in fall. Take advantage of fall to give new plants six to nine months of fantastic growing conditions. That means six to nine months to double—or even triple—its root zone, allowing the plant to access all the water and nutrition it needs with winter's rain and six to nine months to double or triple its canopy, which means that plant can shade itself with lots and lots of leaves next summer.
Trees and shrubs for fall planting


Stop by your favorite Green Acres Nursery & Supply location and let our plant gurus help you find the perfect items for your garden or landscape.

For planting ideas, we have several excellent lists that you can use as resources and add favorites to your wish list.

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