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Bumble Bee on Dill Flower

Grow A Pollinator Buffet

Butterfly Bush Bloom with Butterflies and Bee

Grow A Pollinator Buffet

Add plants that attract pollinators to improve the production of ornamental blooms, and the harvest from your edible garden. Go the extra mile by providing sources for water and nesting materials to create a well-rounded garden. Many pollinators not only pollinate plants, they also feed on unwanted bugs.

You don't need a large yard to satisfy their appetites—pollinators appreciate strategically-placed potted plants or hanging baskets.

Small, But Mighty Hummingbirds

Serve up nectar, twigs for nests, and water for our friends that like to dine and dash.

Anna's and Allen's Hummingbird Species
  • Are year-round residents in our area
  • Dine on nectar and insects
  • Can fly 40 MPH, moving their wings up to 80 times per second
  • Live up to eight years
  • The only birds that can fly backwards
  • Pollinate 300 plant species
  • Visit up to 2,000 flowers per day
Check out our collection of Hummingbird Plant Favorites and choose a selection for year-round blooms.
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Busy, Bumbling Bees

Invite busy bees to your garden party. They'll return the favor by pollinating your flowers, veggies and fruit for a bountiful harvest.

Our Native Bees
  • There are 1600 species of native bees in CA
  • Most are solitary
  • Live in decaying wood or underground tunnels
  • Do not make honey; Honey Bees were brought from Europe originally
  • Females make nests, collect pollen, and lay eggs
  • Males live to mate and use nectar for fuel
Check out our collection of Bee Plant Favorites and choose a selection for year-round blooms.
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Butterflies, The Unwitting Pollinators

Nectar is the mocktail on this happy hour menu. As butterflies flutter from landing pad to landing pad to partake, they leave pollen behind to increase flower production.

Local Butterflies
  • See light in the UV spectrum to guide them to the reflection of nectar
  • Use their feet to taste
  • As they drink, pollen sticks to their feet to be dropped at their next stop
  • Enjoy flat flowers as landing pads
  • Prefer red, pink, purple, yellow and orange flowers
  • Are most active during the middle of the day
Check out our collection of Butterfly Plant Favorites and choose a selection for year-round blooms.
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Butterfly on Lantana
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