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Pot-Up Recipe

Pot-Ups with Mediterranean, Native and Waterwise Plants

Create A Pot-Up For The Locals

When it comes to container recipes, the options are endless. Consider including California natives, along with plant varieties that thrive in our Mediterranean climate, or are waterwise. You’ll reap the benefits of local pollinators in your garden and the plants you select will feel at home and flourish in their new space.
  • Native plants have evolved to coexist in our local geography and climate, and they can hold their own when soil is poor and water is unpredictable.
  • Waterwise plants have low water requirements, requiring very little maintenance and pest management.
  • Plants that do well in our Mediterranean Climate will add year-round interest to your garden, thriving with local precipitation cycles, inviting beneficial wildlife to play.
Planting tips to get you started:
  • Select pottery with a drainage hole and a saucer. You can adjust the recipes according to the size of your pot.
  • Use GreenAll® Natural & Organic Potting Soil, a ready-to-use natural, organic soil for growing indoor and outdoor container plants.
  • Add E.B. Stone™ Organics Sure Start Fertilizer, a natural, organic fertilizer to help roots get established quickly so they are able to take up water and nutrients more efficiently.
Image of Lemon Pug Pot-Up Recipe

Lemon Pug

Morning Sun/Afternoon Shade
Moderate Water

Welcome butterflies into your garden with this colorful recipe. Butterfly Bush 'Pugster' comes in pink, white, and purple, so you can delight butterflies with your favorite color.

Here's what you'll need to get planting:
  • One pot approximately 18" in diameter. Larger pot? More plants!
  • One Butterfly Bush 'Pugster Periwinkle' | 02T (Thriller)
  • One Fiber Optic Grass | 1 gal (Filler)
  • One Thyme 'Lemon' | 6-pack (Spiller)
Image of Once In A Blue Moon Pot-Up Recipe

Once In A Blue Moon

Full Sun or Morning Sun/Afternoon Shade
Low Water

Moon gardens are all the rage, which is why the flower colors here are white. But you can get creative with other colors of Yarrow and Fan Flower. Make it your own! Butterflies enjoy Yarrow and Fan Flower so they'll be by more than once in a blue moon.

Here's what you'll need to get planting:
  • One pot approximately 16" in diameter
  • One Yarrow | 1 gal (Thriller)
  • One Lamb's Ear | 1 gal (Filler)
  • One Fan Flower | 1 gal (Spiller)
Image of Sword in the Stonecrop Pot-Up Recipe

Sword In The Stonecrop

Morning Sun/Afternoon Shade
Low Water

The Sword Fern makes this combination a morning sun/afternoon shade combo. On their own, the Geranium and Stonecrop will take full sun. We've incorporated three different leaf textures and sizes to make this combo especially interesting. Not to mention, hummingbirds enjoy Geraniums.

Here's what you'll need to get planting:
  • One pot approximately 24"-36" in diameter
  • One Zonal Geranium | 1 gal (Thriller)
  • One Western Sword Fern | 1 gal (Filler)
  • Four Stonecrop 'Angelina' | 4" (Spiller)
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