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Matija Poppies in bloom

California Natives: Meet the Real Stars of the State

Are you looking for low-maintenance plants that not only look beautiful but also support native pollinators? If so... look no further than these native stars of the golden state. Check out a few of our superstar natives below to incorporate with other waterwise plants for a garden of abundance.
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Rendering CA Native Landscape

Reimagine Your Landscape: Native-Inspired Design

The waterwise California native-inspired garden offers long seasons of bloom,  with plants acclimated to our Mediterranean climate. Complete the design with whimsical pottery, and cozy chairs to observe the flurry of pollinators drawn by their favorite flowers.
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Pot-Up Recipe

Pot-Ups with Mediterranean, Native and Waterwise Plants

When it comes to container recipes, the options are endless. Consider including California natives, along with plant varieties that thrive in our Mediterranean climate, or are waterwise. You’ll reap the benefits of local pollinators in your garden and the plants you select will feel at home and flourish in their new space. 
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Yellow Coneflower

Plants For Pollinators

Designing a garden for pollinators? Read on for a few tips and a list of some of our favorite plants for pollinators, grouped by bloom time.
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    Bee on Salvia

    Reimagine Your Landscape: Pollinators

    Pollinators play an essential role in our ecosystem and in the habitat of your garden. So, what can you do to draw pollinators to your garden? Plant for pollinators. Read on for some tips and a few of our favorites.
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    Water wise mediterranean plant

    Landscape for Our Mediterranean Climate

    Plants that are suited for our Mediterranean climate require less pest management, and they tolerate the cycles of local precipitation. Many plants thrive in our climate, draw beneficial wildlife, and look attractive all year; find out about a few of our recommendations. 
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    California Native Plants

    California Native Plants

    Native plants have evolved to coexist in our local geography and climate. Natives hold their own when soil is poor and water is unpredictable. California natives have several gardening advantages and come in all shapes, sizes, scents and colors.
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