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Lush green healthy lawn

Starting Lawn From Seed In Fall

Lush healthy green lawn

Grow The Perfect Lawn This Fall

Fall is the perfect time of year to begin a new lawn from seed. The air is cooler as the days get shorter, while the soil is still warm. This “sweet spot” of lower yet warm temperatures means new seedlings won’t burn, and warm soil gives us the best germination rates of the whole year. Read on for tips from our garden gurus to grow the perfect lawn this fall.

If you have more questions, see our experts in our stores for more advice and guidance to put in your new lawn from seed.

Soil Prep & The Right Lawn Seed

Start by rototilling to mix in compost with your native soil to a depth of four to six inches. Compost adds critical organic material that will keep the soil healthy. The soil should be fairly loose and clod free. Level the amended soil, and roll to firm the soil.

Selecting the right lawn seed is an important step for a healthy lawn. For our greater Sacramento area, a mix of Bluegrass and Fescue is ideal for heat tolerance, durability, and deep root zones that will keep your lawn waterwise.

Protect Your Investment

New lawn seed requires a fertilizer that won’t burn tender seedlings, and Delta Bluegrass has the perfect one. Bolero™ Lawn Food encourages deep root zones and healthy green blades, growing a lush, beautiful lawn that resists diseases and pests.

Seeds and tender seedlings need extra protection, and we recommend adding a layer of E.B. Stone™ Organics Top Coat Lawn & Seed Cover over the seeds and fertilizer. As little as 1/8” to a maximum depth of 1/4” of Top Coat is all that is needed to keep seeds and seedlings evenly moist, warm and hidden from birds.

Watering & Time To Grow

Watering is done in stages as the seeds sprout and grow. For the first seven to ten days, shallow, frequent watering is needed to keep them from drying out. Gradually, as roots develop, watering will become longer and less frequent. Add a minute at a time to your watering schedule, until you are able to stop watering one day. Continue this until you can drop another watering day. An established lawn may only need watering once per week when the root zone has been “grown” deep.

New seedlings should appear within five to ten days, and will be ready for mowing once the lawn is about three to four inches tall. Use extra care with the first mowing, and avoid sharp turns that can damage the soil and young roots.
New lawn seedlings.
Grass seedlings.
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