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Dew on lush green lawn

Winter Lawn Care

Lawn needs in winter are especially important for long term health and vigor. Our experts have advice for you on mowing, watering, and weed control so your lawn continues to look great all winter.

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Lush green healthy lawn

Starting Lawn From Seed In Fall

Fall is the perfect time of year to begin a new lawn from seed. The air is cooler as the days get shorter, while the soil is still warm. This “sweet spot” of lower yet warm temperatures means new seedlings won’t burn, and warm soil gives us the best germination rates of the whole year. Read on for tips to grow the perfect lawn this fall. 

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Sprinkler in yard lawn rocks

Fall Lawn Care

Is your lawn ready for a little TLC? A few key changes in maintenance can greatly reduce problems with fungus, brown spots, dead spots, insects and disease. Making those adjustments in fall will make your lawn happier all year long. Our experts have help and advice for watering, fertilizing, mowing, thatching, aerating and pre-emergents.

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Display of colorful fall shrubs

September Garden Tasks

September gives us the gift of lowered temperatures to reward us for having gotten through August in one piece! In September, there are some really enjoyable garden tasks that are quick to do and make for healthy fall gardens. We’ll talk ants, lawn, and fall planting preparation.



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Hands planting a strawberry plant in organic soil mixture

Organic Fertilizers

With changing water cycles in California, gardeners are looking for waterwise options when it comes to fertilizers. And, when it’s hot, it’s important to use products that won’t burn. Organics fertilizers are gaining momentum because they help maintain beautiful gardens without using a lot of water. Read on to discover a few ways organic fertilizers help plants use less water.
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Lawn mower giving a lawn a fresh cut

Summer Lawn Care

Perhaps you've noticed weeds, brown spots, and weird looking mushrooms in your lawn. How a lawn is watered and mowed differentiates healthy lawns from unhealthy lawns. Read on for summer lawn care tips.
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Dogwood blooms

April Garden Tasks

Spring is in full swing and the weather is warming up. Browse our checklist for April garden care tips. Guard against pests, check irrigation systems, and get those veggies in the ground now for a bumper crop this summer!
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Lawn Mower Mowing Healthy, Green Lawn

Lawn Care Schedule

Learn when to apply the right products to keep you lawn green, healthy and nearly weed free. Read on for our suggested application dates for lawn fertilizer and pre-emergent.
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