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Praying Mantid on flower

Beneficial Insects

Did you know that 98% of all known insects are considered good bugs? Keep your garden in a healthy, beautiful balance by adding beneficial insects such as ladybugs, lacewings, praying mantids, or beneficial nematodes.
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Peach Leaf Curl on Fruit Tree

November Garden Solutions

For November, our experts are getting questions about plant care during the dormant season. Dormant care is all about prevention. Preventing diseases, insects and weeds from taking over next year is our task in winter. Dormant sprays, pruning, and adding mulch does so much to keep our plants healthy, and it all begins this month.

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July Garden Solutions

With the hotter July temperatures, there may be some unwelcome visitors in your garden and yard. Our experts have been getting questions this month about ants, leaffooted bugs and spider mites. We have advice on how to control them if they get out of hand. 
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Wasp on purple flower

June Garden Solutions

Pests and disease are common in summer with the warmer temps and abundant food in the garden. We have tips to ensure your plants stay happy and healthy throughout the entire growing season. This month, we’re talking about powdery mildew, leaffooted bugs, caterpillars, flying pests, and lawn grubs.  
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Mosquito on leaf with water droplets

April Garden Solutions

April brings higher temperatures with just the right amount of humidity, and earwigs, mosquitoes and aphids start showing up in the garden. Our garden gurus have been getting a lot of questions about these pesky visitors, and we have answers about the best way to take care of them. 
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Tomato 'Better Boy'

Edible Gardening

The taste of home-grown, fresh tomatoes is one of the joys of our long, hot summers. Get the most our of your tomato harvest with these tips about soil, fertilizer, irrigation, tomato cages, and tips to prevent common diseases and insects that like tomatoes as much as we do!

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Chinese Pistache Tree in Fall Color

November Garden Tasks

November gives us a comforting, quiet change in our gardens and yards. To keep everything in good health, there are a few tasks we can do in November with irrigation, dormant care to control disease and pests, and planning for all the brand new bareroot fruit trees and roses we get to bring home in winter.

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leaffooted bug on tomato

Veggie Garden: Troubleshooting

You’ve worked hard to get your veggie plants in the ground and now you’re looking forward to the taste of your first ripe tomato. Let’s make sure your plants stay happy and healthy throughout the entire growing season. We’ve listed seven common veggie garden problems along with solutions to fix them. 

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Praying mantis on squash plant

Beneficial Insects, Part II

In this second part of our series on beneficial insects, we're focused on the superhero beneficial insects to take care of those larger garden pests. 

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