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Avocado fruit


Nearly all varieties of avocado trees can be successfully grown throughout California in areas with mild winters. Knowing the best varieties, soil and light requirements, and long term care will allow you to grow your own healthy, delicious fruit. Read on for tips. 
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Gloves and Garden Trowel

May Garden Tasks

Get ready for warm summer temperatures. Our May garden care tips help keep everything in good shape with protection from sun and heat damage, advice on yellow leaves, and answers to defeat unwelcome pests in your garden.


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Pruners being used on a young tree


Now that fall’s upon us, it’s time to prune a few things in your landscape. But what exactly is pruning? Pruning trims old growth to encourage new growth and blooming. Although, timing is everything. Find out if the timing is right for a few of your favorites.
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Best Trees For Small Spaces

We've selected six of our favorite trees that are just right for smaller spaces. Use this list as a guide, and then stop by your local Green Acres Nursery & Supply and our garden gurus can show you additional options. 
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Fall color on a shade tree

Best Trees For Fall Color

These fabulous fall-color trees offer head-turning seasonal changes in leaf color. From golden-yellow to orange-red to scarlet—we've got something for you! Take a look at some of our favorite fall color varieties, then stop by your local Green Acres Nursery & Supply and our garden gurus can show you additional options. 
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Espalier Pear Tree

Espalier 101

Espalier is a French word meaning trellis. In the garden, espalier is a method used to train a tree or shrub so trunks and branches grow on one plane.

Read on for tips to grow your own espalier fruit tree or shrub. 
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Lemons ripe on a tree

Tips For Growing Citrus

There is sweet satisfaction in growing your own fruit, experimenting with new varieties, and sharing with family and friends. Citrus are a great choice for the Sacramento region—easy to grow with light maintenance—and Green Acres Nursery & Supply offers over 30 varieties. Read on for a few tips about growing citrus. 
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Pet-Safe Plants in a Pot

Dog-Friendly Plant List

Help keep your furry friends out of harm’s way by incorporating plants into their environment that are non-toxic. Read on for the list of some of our favorites. 

Although the plants listed are known to be non-toxic to dogs by the ASPCA, we strongly discourage allowing your pet to eat any plant regardless of its toxicity level. Visit the ASPCA website at www.aspca.org for details. 
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Aeonium 'Kiwi'

Poolside Planting

When planting around swimming pools, consider plants that have non-irritating foliage, do not attract a lot of bees, can tolerate some light foot traffic, and are not so messy that they require additional maintenance. Here are some options...
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