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Climbing a Tree

Best Trees for Climbing

Trees can provide many benefits to your home and neighborhood, and let's not forget that trees can also provide fun and adventure. Looking up at the sturdy limbs of established trees, who doesn't want to climb to the top and see what's happening in the neighborhood? Count me in! Here are a few of our favorite trees to climb.
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Maple Tree

Best Trees for Low Allergens

Trees purify the air we breathe by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. But if you have allergies, you may not be on friendly terms with trees during certain seasons of the year. We've selected a few of our favorites that are less likely to tickle your nose and will look great in your landscape.


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Juniper 'Spartan'

Screens and Windbreaks

Trees are beautiful, provide habitat for wildlife, clean the air and increase property value. Evergreen trees also act as a barrier and provide privacy for your property. Read on to learn more about a few of our favorite screens and windbreaks. 
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Redbud blooms

Flowering Trees

Spring is ripe for planting trees. The soil is workable, rain provides the watering, and there's time for roots to begin establishing before the heat arrives. 
When planting a tree there are a few things to consider, including: mature size, water needs, sun exposure, and shape. Read on for our spring-blooming favorites. 
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Illustration of where to score a pulp pot

Planting Pulp Pots

We pot our bareroot fruit trees and roses in fiber pots to protect the roots from breaking, to keep them from drying out, and to make it easier for you to plant. Just score the pot and plant it right into your prepped soil using eight simple steps.
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Large Ginkgo Tree

Top Legacy Trees for Sacramento

There’s something majestic about an old legacy tree. And planting a tree is a big decision. It’s likely the tree you plant today will survive for generations to come. Why not plant a tree that will leave a legacy of health and beauty?
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Japanese Maple Tree

Fall Is for Planting Trees

Have you been thinking about upgrading your home’s landscape with a new tree or two? Fall is the perfect time to plant trees and shrubs. Read on for benefits of trees, and planting & watering tips.
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Myrtle Crapes in a backyard

Why Crape Myrtles Take the Stage This Summer

The showy flowers of Crape Myrtles combined with attractive bark, beautiful fall foliage, water-wise properties, and high durability have made Crape Myrtles a popular choice within hot summer landscapes. Read on to learn more about them and get a few growing tips.
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