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Peach Leaf Curl on Fruit Tree

November Garden Solutions

For November, our experts are getting questions about plant care during the dormant season. Dormant care is all about prevention. Preventing diseases, insects and weeds from taking over next year is our task in winter. Dormant sprays, pruning, and adding mulch does so much to keep our plants healthy, and it all begins this month.

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Maple leaves with red, orange, and yellow fall color

September Garden Solutions

September is a significant transition month from hot summer to milder fall, which allows us to take advantage of another prime planting season. The air is cooling down, but the soil is still warm, creating the perfect conditions to encourage root growth before summer hits. This month, our experts are getting questions about weeds, leaf loss, and putting in new plants.
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Weed in garden

Weed Control

Get ahead of weeds with our pre-emergent strategies to prevent weeds in your lawn and garden. We also have great advice on how to handle the weeds that got through your defenses, using post-emergent control. 


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Garden with raised beds

June Garden Tasks

June is when summer comes to stay and everything is growing! Our June Garden Tasks keep your yard and garden humming along beautifully with pointers on fertilizing, weed control, and managing insects and disease.

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Lawn Mower Mowing Healthy, Green Lawn

Lawn Care Schedule

Learn when to apply the right products to keep you lawn green, healthy and nearly weed free. Read on for our suggested application dates for lawn fertilizer and pre-emergent.
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Weeds growing in brick patio

Pre-emergents Prevent Weeds

Pre-emergents are designed to prevent weeds from germinating. Once they start to grow, a pre-emergent will no longer work. Learn when to apply before weeds get growing. 
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