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Garden with raised beds

June Garden Tasks

Garden with raised beds

June Garden Tasks

June is when summer comes to stay and everything is growing! Our June Garden Tasks keep your yard and garden humming along beautifully with pointers on fertilizing, weed control, and treating insects and disease.

Time to Fertilize

Those plants you brought home in spring have grown and it is time to add E.B. Stone™ organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizers are slow-release (so it is applied less often than synthetic), do not burn, and improve your soil. Scratch the fertilizer a few inches under the soil at the drip edge of your plant, and then cover the fertilizer with soil.
E.B. Stone Organics Sure Start, Citrus and Fruit Tree Food, and Tomato and Vegetable Food Fertilizers
E.B. Stone™ Organics Family of Fertilizers
A family of organic fertilizers that won't burn, and provides steady nutrition for roots, foliage, flowers, and fruit. Select from Sure Start, Citrus & Fruit Tree Food, Tomato & Vegetable Food, and many more.

Condition the Soil

To keep veggie garden production at top speed, trust drip irrigation to water the plant and not the weeds. Hand pick the little weeds. Our gurus recommend E.B. Stone™ Organics Worm Castings as mulch to suppress weeds, retain moisture, condition the soil, and release an amazing organic fertilizer all at the same time.
E.B. Stone Organics Earthworm Castings
E.B. Stone™ Organics Earthworm Castings
A natural organic soil conditioner. Earthworm castings loosen hard soils, improve soil aeration and conserve water, to help flowers, shrubs, veggies, and lawn grow and flourish.

Manage Diseases Easily

Powdery mildew, rust, and black spot might appear, and we have help. Water early in the day so the plant is dry overnight, and trim off the worst of the leaves. Bring a sample or picture of the leaves and we can help identify the disease and the right fungicide control, such as Copper Fungicide or Neem Oil.
Bonide Neem Oil and Copper Fungicide
Bonide® Neem Oil and Copper Fungicide
Bonide® Neem Oil is a natural solution for pest management in your organic garden. Use this multipurpose insecticide, miticide, fungicide on roses, flowers, vegetables, herbs, spices, houseplants, trees, turf and shrubs to manage blackspot, powdery mildew, rust, aphids, whiteflys, and more.

Bonide® Copper Fungicide contains a special copper salt formulation to help control fungus-related diseases such as powdery mildew, black spot, rust and more.

Safely Control Insects

June is a big month for caterpillars and aphids. Caterpillars can cause significant damage quickly. Monterey B.t. is approved for organic gardening, is safe for you and your pets, and won’t harm other insects. Spray the plant thoroughly and monitor new growth for damage to determine if you should spray again. Remember that caterpillars are encouraged on milkweed for monarch butterflies. For aphids, keep a watch on all that luscious new growth. Spray aphids off with a hose, control ants with bait stations, and use Neem Oil or Monterey Take Down Garden Spray when the situation gets out of control.
Monterey B.t. and Take Down Garden Spray
Monterey B.t. and Take Down Garden Spray
Monterey B.t. offers safe and effective control of worms and caterpillars on fruit, vegetables and ornamentals. The most effective organic treatment for tomato horn worm.

Use Take Down Garden Spray on houseplants, ornamentals, edible plants, and in greenhouses to help eliminate exposed aphids, caterpillars, mites, whitefly, and more.

Other Tasks For June

  • Trim spent flowers on perennials to keep more coming, especially on roses.
  • For annual flowers planted from seed, plant more every few weeks to keep a fresh supply of blooming flowers all summer.
  • Check your drip and sprinkler systems for leaks.
  • Clean up any fruit on the ground so we don’t invite critters and insects.
  • Pull mulch back from plant trunks by about six inches to prevent rot.
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