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Red orange rose

Get To Know Roses

An Introduction to Rose Varieties The universal appeal of roses comes from the many varieties, sizes, and colors available. From traditional red, pink, or white—to the more unusual lilac, yellow and even orange—there are many rose varieties that can be well-suited to most...

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Tropical plants

Tropical Style in Sacramento

We’ve got several plants that fit the bill for a tropical oasis in your yard so you can have the tropical style in Sacramento. We just need to be creative about where to plant them.  The challenge that most tropical...

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Grow Your Own Berries and Make Berry Pies this Summer

The world of berries is beautiful. Go beyond what’s sold in grocery stores to broaden your berry horizons. First, we’ll introduce you to some of our favorite berries and then give you a roundup of fresh recipes.   General Berry Info Light:...

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Camellia flower

Colorful Camellias

  When selecting blooming shrubs for your garden, don’t overlook the camellia, an evergreen with flowers that appear from winter to spring. There are two species that are generally available: Camelliea japonica and Camellia sasanqua. Both species are highly ornamental...

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Mason bee on a flower

Mason Bees are Super Pollinators

Keep flowers blooming and food growing with increased pollination by mason bees. Growing your own fruit and vegetables at home is so rewarding and fun, but sometimes nature could use a hand to get the job done. Many home gardeners are...

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Citrus in Sacramento

Citrus: Winter Sunshine for Sacramento

Winter’s here, which means saying goodbye to the sunshine for a while, but that’s no reason to feel sad! Citrus is in its prime now, and anyone who has grown their own citrus can tell you that first, sweet, tart...

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Dead Lawn

Distressed Lawn: Revitalize or Replace?

  Fall is here, and it’s finally cooling down enough to work in the yard again. Now is the ideal time to spruce up a lawn that’s been damaged by the heat of the summer. We have a few strategies...

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