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Dogwood blooms

April Garden Tasks

Spring is in full swing and the weather is warming up. Browse our checklist for April garden care tips. Guard against pests, check irrigation systems, and get those veggies in the ground now for a bumper crop this summer!
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Yellow Coneflower

Plants For Pollinators

Designing a garden for pollinators? Read on for a few tips and a list of some of our favorite plants for pollinators, grouped by bloom time.
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    Bee on Salvia

    Reimagine Your Landscape: Pollinators

    Pollinators play an essential role in our ecosystem and in the habitat of your garden. So, what can you do to draw pollinators to your garden? Plant for pollinators. Read on for some tips and a few of our favorites.
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    Thrips on Yellow Flower

    Pest S.O.S. 12 Most Common Summer Pests Part 1

    Pests are prevalent in summer. Plant stress, abundant food and favorable breeding conditions give pests the advantage over the plants in your garden. The best method of treatment is prevention. Learn the 12 most common summer pests in gardens of the Sacramento area, and all of the information you need to combat them effectively.
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    Lacewing on Leaf

    Integrated Pest Management

    Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a system of long term preventative pest control techniques which affect only the targeted pest with minimal harm inflicted on the surrounding environment. Learn more about how to practice IPM with a few tips.
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