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Pet-Friendly Product List

Dog-Friendly Product List

Protect your animal friends by using products that are considered safer to use around domestic animals. The following list details a variety of less toxic products for use in your garden and outdoor areas.

When applying chemicals in your garden, remember to:
  • Read and follow the directions on the product label. Pay close attention to the warnings listed.
  • Allow all liquid sprays to dry before exposing your pet to the area; we recommend waiting at least 24 hours.
  • Wear proper breathing apparatus before applying dust-like chemicals and allow the “dust” to settle completely before allowing pets in treated areas.
  • Avoid coming into direct contact with chemicals.
  • Keep and store all products out of reach of pets and children.

Slug & Snail

Sluggo® Biodegradable Slug and Snail Bait
Application: Controls snails and slugs
OMRI Listed for Organic Use
Sluggo® PLUS contains additional ingredients that are not approved for pets.

Traps & Baits

Revenge® Fly Catcher Strips
Benefits: No baiting, no poisons and no vapors
Enoz® BioCare Aphid & Whitefly Traps
Benefits: Safe, pesticide-free, easy to use, attracts pests like a magnet, compostable
Mosquito Dunks®
Benefits: Easy and safe to use in birdbaths, fountains, ponds, etc.


Orange Guard®
Application: Kills insects on contact, can be used around food, pets and people
Active ingredient: Orange peel extract
Bonide® Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew with Spinosad
Use On: Lawns, vegetables, fruit and nut trees, and ornamentals
OMRI Listed for Organic Use
Safer® Diatomaceous Earth
Application: Kills cockroaches, ants, fleas, silverfish and earwigs
Monterey B.t. Worm Killer
Application: Biological worm and caterpillar control

Bonide® Neem Concentrate
Application: Insecticide, fungicide and miticide from extract of neem seed
OMRI Listed for Organic Use

Herbicides & Fungicides

Bonide® Moss Max
Use On: Lawns, patios, roofs and buildings
Active Ingredient: Potassium

Bonide® Copper Fungicide RTU
Application: Controls a wide range of plant diseases
Use On: Edibles and ornamentals
Bonide® Sulfur Plant Fungicide
Application: Controls rust, leaf spot and powdery mildew
Use On: Fruits, vegetables and ornamentals
Bonide® Burnout®
Application: Controls herbaceous broadleaf and grassy weeds
Active Ingredient: Citric Acid, Clove Oil
OMRI Listed for Organic Use
Bonide® Maize Weed Preventer
Use On: Flowers, trees, vegetables, shrubs and lawns
Benefits: 100% corn gluten
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