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Holiday Blooms: Amazing Amaryllis

Variety of amaryllis flowers and bulbs

Growing Amaryllis For The Holidays

Fill your holiday season with the fragrance and beauty of this easy-to-grow indoor bulb. Amaryllis bulbs are available in a wide range of colors and sizes, can be grown with or without soil, make an excellent cut flower, and are perfect for holiday gifting or to add a bright spot to your home during the cold winter season. They provide a fun, hands-on learning project for kids, too.

Did You Know?
The larger the bulb, the bigger and better the blooms! It takes three to five years for a bulb to grow and mature for market. And the bulbs we’re featuring this year from Netherland Bulb Company are a premium size so they can bloom to their fullest potential—typically two flower stalks that each have two to five blooms. Choose from over 15 varieties including ‘Red Pearl’, ‘Striped Amadeus’, ‘Splash’, and more.
Red and white bloom of amaryllis flower

Supplies For Planting Amaryllis

  • Amaryllis Bulb
  • Clay or a Heavy Pot
  • One of our Selection of Organic Indoor Potting Soils
  • One of our Selection of Organic Bulb Foods

    Fun Fact: Amaryllis bulbs are native to Africa and were introduced to Europe in the 1700s.
Large amaryllis blub with 3 blooms in a terra cota pot
How To Plant An Amaryllis Bulb
  • When choosing a container, keep in mind that Amaryllis bulbs develop very large, heavy flowers. Prevent the flowering bulbs from toppling over by selecting a heavier pot with drainage holes (plastic is not recommended). Select a container with a diameter that is at least 1”-2” larger than the Amaryllis bulb.
  • Secure a screen or rock over the hole so the soil does not come out when watered.
  • Fill the container with your selected soil.
  • Place the large bulb in the soil so that the top inch of the bulb’s narrow end is above the soil surface. You can plant multiple Amaryllis bulbs in a single container as long as each bulb is about an inch apart.
  • Water the soil thoroughly after planting the bulb. Wait to add more water after you see stem or leaf growth. Be careful not to keep the soil too moist. Soggy soil causes bulb rot and can prevent blooming.
  • Add an organic bulb food.
  • Place the container in a warm, sunny location and keep temperatures around 60°F.
  • Leaves should start appearing in three to seven weeks depending on temperature and light. Flower stems appear a bit later.
  • When the first blooms appear, move to a cooler location for a longer blooming period.
  • Plant six to eight weeks prior to when you want the best blooms. You can continue to plant in two-week intervals for consistent color during winter. Flower stalks may need support to keep them from falling over.
Red and white close up of amaryllis bulb.

Tips For Reblooming Amaryllis

  • When the bulb is finished blooming, cut the flower stalks to about one inch above the bulb.
  • Treat the bulb like a houseplant—provide water and light during the spring and summer seasons.
  • About the middle of August, stop watering, and allow the plant to go dormant.
  • When the foliage is dried up, trim it off, and place the bulb in a cool, dark place for eight weeks.
  • Six to eight weeks before you want big, beautiful blooms again, place the bulb into a warm, bright spot and begin watering.
  • After two weeks, you should begin to see new growth again.

    Fun Fact: Given the proper care, an Amaryllis can live up to 75 years!
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