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Crape Myrtle Tree in Full Bloom

The New California Landscape Design Series

Reimagine Your Landscape

We've created four templates to use as guides to create a landscape that suits your style and saves water. With a few design principles, irrigation tips and a couple of plant lists, our templates will point you in the right direction to plan your new California landscape.

Plants listed are subject to availability, although our gurus at each location can provide you with seasonal substitutions that will fit the bill.
Rendering of a Contemporary Landscape Design
Contemporary Design
Create a waterwise contemporary garden that has a minimalist style, using structural plants to set the tone.
Contemporary Design
Rendering English-Style Landscape Design
English-Style Design
Grow an English-style waterwise landscape inspired by a place to relax and admire nature.
English-Style Design
Rendering Mediterranean Landscape Design
Mediterranean Design
Make it Mediterranean with an informal style, incorporating stone, iron, and plants that are well-suited to our climate.
Mediterranean Design
Rendering CA Native-Inspired Design
Native-Inspired Design
Imagine a waterwise California native-inspired garden that allows for long seasons of blooms.
CA Native-Inspired Design
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