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Spray Head Retrofitted with MP Rotator Nozzle

Easy Guides To Drip Irrigation Retrofits

Save Water with Simple Changes

We've compiled a few diagrams to illustrate how simple it is to make big changes in how much water you use in your landscape. By switching from traditional spray heads to drip or MP Rotator nozzles, you will not only save water, you will direct the water where it will most benefit your plants.

Common Terms:
  • Emitter: the small piece that delivers water to your plants and is defined by the amount of gallons per hour (1/2 GPH, 1 GPH, 2 GPH, 4 GPH).
  • MP Rotator Nozzle: the alternative to traditional and pop-up sprinkler heads. They feature unique, multi-trajectory, rotating streams that deliver water at a slow, steady rate which allows water to gently soak in at rates that soils can absorb. Use the MP Rotator to replace the sprinkler head on any conventional spray head body or pop-up sprinkler for water savings of up to 30%. Choose from nozzles that are adjustable for distance and radius.
  • Pressure Regulator: water pressure needs to be regulated for drip irrigation, so that the first emitter along the line delivers with the same amount of pressure as the last emitter on the line. The pressure regulator regulates the pressure that is coming from the house (high) to the irrigation line (low), and provides consistency in the flow.
Diagram of Hose Outlet to Drip Conversion

Set Up Drip from Your Hose Outlet

This system allows you to set up a hose-end timer and filter to effectively add drip tubing. Once assembled, connect your emitters directly into the poly tubing, or connect extensions of 1/4" tubing with an emitter at the end.

The timer can be set just in case you forget to turn off the spigot. The filter keeps particles from entering the tubing. The pressure regulator reduces the pressure from the spigot so water can be delivered through emitters without blowing the emitters off.
Diagram Sprinkler Head to 5/8" Tubing Drip Conversion

Convert Sprinkler Heads to Drip

Some spaces will benefit from converting a sprinkler head to drip tubing. With the right parts, it's easy to do. All of the pieces connected together essentially take you from a large pipe to smaller tubing, with pressure reduction and filtering along the way. Once assembled, connect your emitters directly into the poly tubing, or connect extensions of 1/4" tubing with an emitter at the end.
Diagram Sprinkler Head to one quarter inch Tubing Drip Conversion

Convert a Sprinkler Head Into a 1/4" Tubing Drip System

Converting a sprinkler head into a 1/4" tubing drip system is beneficial for areas where you want to water a small area that has a number of small plants...vegetables perhaps.

By connecting a handful of pieces, including an 8-port adjustable drip manifold, you can run drip lines from one one converted sprinkler head to eight different plants. Simply add an emitter to the end of each 1/4" section of poly tubing.
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