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Ladybugs 500 pack


Organic Control
starting at $11.50

This beneficial insect is not only cute, but an essential for organic pest management. Predatory bugs target soft bodied, slow moving insects. Incl...

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Women's Work Weeding Gloves

Womanswork Weeding Gloves

starting at $10.00

Form fitting, seamless, foam latex-dipped garden glove has a sticky grip for increased dexterity when performing regular garden tasks. Latex coatin...

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18 Colors available
Poly Tubing, Quarter inch by 50 feet

Poly Tubing 1/4"

starting at $4.50

Used as a feeder line from the drip emitter. Stronger and stiffer than vinyl tubing. For use with 1/4" barbed micro fittings. Characteristics  Max...

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Bonide Neem Oil Quart Ready To Use

Bonide® Neem Oil® RTU

starting at $11.50

Natural solution for pest management in your organic garden. Use this multipurpose insecticide, miticide, fungicide on roses, flowers, vegetables, ...

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Cedar Fan Trellis 24 inches wide by 40 inches tall

Cedar Fan Trellis

T&R Lumber Company
starting at $22.50

Give your vining and twining plants an attractive growing support with this sturdy, long lasting cedar trellis. Characteristics 100% Western Red C...

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G&B Gorilla Hair 2 cubic feet

G&B Gorilla Hair

G&B Organics

A decorative shredded redwood bark to enhance planted areas. Can also be used as a mulch to conserve soil moisture and reduce weed growth.  Charact...

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Poly Tubing, Five eighths inch by 50 feet

Poly Tubing 5/8"

starting at $11.00

Use as a supply line for irrigation above or below ground. Drip emitters can be placed directly into the tubing. Characteristics  Maximum flow rat...

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Monterey Sluggo Plus

Monterey Sluggo® Plus

starting at $14.00

Easy-to-use pellets kills earwigs, cutworms, sowbugs, pillbugs, crickets, slugs and snails Insect around your home and garden.   Label Characterist...

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Organic Control Ladybug and Lacewing Combo

Ladybug/Lacewing Combo

Organic Control
starting at $17.50

Ladybug/Lacewing Combo will be back in spring when the weather begins to warm again. This combination of two beneficial insects in one container is...

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