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Build a Terrarium

How to Build A Terrarium in 6 Easy Steps

How to Build A Terrarium in 6 Easy Steps

different jars of terrariums
1. Select a terrarium:
This will be the home of your new living environment.
adding some sand to a terrarium jar
2. Add a drainage layer:
Adding a layer of sand and/or small pebbles will ensure your terrarium has good drainage and will create humidity.
adding charcoal and moss layers to a terrarium jar
3. Add a layer of charcoal and sphagnum moss:
Charcoal will help absorb odor and excess moisture. The moss will prevent the soil which will be added next, from settling into sand and small pebbles.
adding soil to a terrarium jar
4. Add about 1" of potting soil: 
Regular potting soil will get the job done. However, if you are creating a desert environment with succulents, a cactus planting mix is best.
adding plants to a terrarium jar
5. Select Your Plants:
Place your plants, while still in their containers, within your terrarium to find the perfect arrangement. Once you are satisfied with the look, install. 
image of a completed terrarium
6. Add finishing touches:
Place ornaments and/or decorations in your terrarium to suit your taste, and of course, the season!
a completed terrarium

Some Helpful Tips

  • Terrariums thrive in indirect, bright light.
  • When condensation builds up on the glass, it is a sign that it’s time to open it up and let some air in.
  • How much water your terrarium needs depends on how much condensation builds up and how often you aerate. As a general rule of thumb, water once a week. But, remember, it is always easier to add more water than to remove the excess. A terrarium should never be soggy.
  • To transplant from your terrarium, make sure the soil is moist in the container you’re transplanting from. Use a spoon to try to dig out a small root ball of soil about an inch in diameter to minimize the root disturbance. Place your plant in a new container and water thoroughly.
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