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Pink Muhly Grass

Non-Invasive Grasses

Non-Invasive High-Impact Grasses

Most ornamental grasses are prime in summer and a perfect fit for our region. But before you start shopping, read through our list below for commonly-known invasive grasses, along with our recommendations for substitutes. Our suggestions are typically low maintenance, water-wise and deer resistant. In addition, we've provided more grass options that just look great in any landscape. Nothing here suits your style? Take a stroll through our nursery, where you'll find many more varieties, sizes, colors, and shapes to choose from.
Plumes of the invasive green fountain grass
Invasive: Green Fountain Grass
Red Fountain Grass
Non-Invasive: Red Fountain Grass
  • Deciduous grass with a full, clumping habit
  • Graceful, deep purple leaves
  • Feathery dark pink flower heads rise above foliage in summer, and become tan with age
  • Use in a container or as a landscape plant
  • 4’-5’ tall | 3’-4’ spread
  • Full sun
  • Water-wise, Deer resistant
A good alternative to invasive Green Fountain Grass.
Mexican Feather Grass
Invasive: Mexican Feather Grass
Maiden Grass
Non-Invasive: Maiden Grass
  • Perennial grass with a broadly arching habit moves with the breeze
  • Soft, feathery plumes appear from summer into fall
  • Use in large containers or in the landscape
  • 4’-6’ tall | 3'-4'’ spread
  • Full sun to partial shade
A bit taller, but a good alternative to invasive Mexican Feather Grass.
Pampas Grass
Invasive: Pampas Grass
Deer Grass
Non-Invasive: Deer Grass
  • Native, perennial grass
  • Bright green leaves form a dense, tight clump
  • Upright, slender yellow or purplish flower spikes in fall rise two feet above foliage
  • Great container plant
  • 2’-4’ tall | 2’-4’ spread
  • Full sun
  • Water-wise, deer resistant
A good alternative to invasive Pampas Grass.

More Noteworthy Non-Invasive Grasses to Add Interest

Feather Reed Grass Karl Foerster
Feather Reed Grass ‘Karl Foerster’
  • Perennial grass with an erect, arching, clumping habit
  • Bright green, narrow leaves
  • In late spring, purple-tinted flower emerge on six-foot stalks, turning golden in fall
  • Use as fillers for texture contrast
  • 3’-5’ tall | 2’-3’ spread
  • Full sun to partial shade
  • Water-wise, deer resistant
Mat Rush Platinum Beauty
Mat Rush ‘Platinum Beauty’
  • Evergreen, grass-like plant with an arching, clumping habit
  • Graceful leaves are mint green with vertical cream striping
  • Use as a border plant, in a container, or as a mass planting
  • 2’-3’ tall | 2’-3’ spread
  • Full sun to partial shade
  • Water-wise, deer resistant
Orange Sedge
Orange Sedge
  • Evergreen perennial with a weeping, clumping habit
  • Fine foliage of green to coppery brown with hints of orange in fall and winter
  • Insignificant brown flower spikes in summer
  • Use in containers, rock gardens, borders, edging, groundcover
  • 2’ tall | 3’ spread
  • Full sun to partial shade
  • Moderate water, deer resistant
Pink Muhly Grass
Pink Muhly Grass
  • Perennial grass with a tall, mounding habit
  • Dark pink feathery plumes rise above foliage in late summer
  • Commonly known as "cotton candy grass”
  • Use in containers, massed or individually in the landscape
  • 3’ tall | 6’ spread
  • Full sun to partial shade
  • Water-wise, deer resistant
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