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Pluot 'Flavor King'

Fruit Tree Varieties Summer 2023

Savor the taste of tree-ripened fruit from your own backyard orchard, and share with friends and neighbors. We offer traditional favorites along with unique varieties and also multi-grafted options. Selection may vary by store location. 
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Cherry 'Lapins'

Bareroot Fruit Tree Varieties List

Our nurseries have over 100 varieties of bareroot fruit trees this season. The trees are potted in easy-to-plant fiber (pulp) containers that help protect new roots so they don't break or dry out.
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Plums on a tree

How To Choose Your Fruit Tree

Learn how you can enjoy the benefits of planting a tree and nurturing it to produce delicious, fresh fruit. The real magic comes during harvest when the trees are filled with fruit to share with family, friends, and neighbors. 
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White Peach 'Babcock'

Summer Series II, Healthy Harvest

You’ve put in the work, now it’s time to reap the rewards of a job well done. If your fruit trees and veggie garden are thriving and putting out good produce—you’ve definitely done something right this season. Let’s keep the bounty coming with some tried-and-true tips from our garden gurus. 
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Ripe apricots on tree

Success with Fruit Trees

There is something very satisfying about planting a tree and nurturing it to produce delicious, fresh fruit. We all want fruit trees that thrive and provide enough fruit to share with family, friends, and the entire neighborhood—and the way in which we water, fertilize, prune, and thin will influence how much the tree produces each year. Read on for tips.
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Dave Wilson Nursery Plum 'Beauty'

Bareroot Fruit Trees

January is a great time to buy a fruit tree! It's bareroot season, which means we have the largest selection available, at the most economical pricing of the year. While fruit trees are in winter dormancy, they are also easy to care for, easy to plant, and ready to provide tasty rewards in the seasons ahead. 

As you choose the fruit tree varieties you would like to add to your garden, consider our tips for selecting success. 
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Chinese Pistache Tree in Fall Color

November Garden Tasks

November gives us a comforting, quiet change in our gardens and yards. To keep everything in good health, there are a few tasks we can do in November with irrigation, dormant care to control disease and pests, and planning for all the brand new bareroot fruit trees and roses we get to bring home in winter.

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Gloves, trowel, and plant starts

August Garden Tasks

The veggie garden is exploding, the grapes are starting to color up, and, thankfully, weed and insect pests are slowing down. For August, we have some advice for you on odd looking leaves, fruit tree care, and getting busy on cool-season vegetables.



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Fruit Tree Q&A, Part II

Now that your fruit trees are producing fruit, you may have similar questions to some that we've received from customers. For this fruit tree Q&A, we consulted with our garden gurus, for solutions and provided their advice, about specific fruiting issues, along with some about general care.
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