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Putting lawn turf down

The Grass Is Always Greener…

...When You Order Sod From Green Acres Nursery & Supply

We offer fresh sod, grown locally by Delta Bluegrass Company in Stockton. During spring months, we order fresh sod daily (Monday through Saturday) and make it available for walk-in purchaseswhile supplies last. As the weather heats up, gets wet or very cold, we keep less on hand — and order as needed — to maintain fresh quality. Our rolls of sod are 5’ x 2’ (10 square feet).


Delivery & Installation

We’re happy to place orders based on your calculations of square footage for a delivery date that works best for you. Please provide a lead time of two days. We can schedule a direct-drop from Delta Bluegrass, or store pick-up, Monday through Saturday. Sod orders of 1,000 square feet or more qualify for free curbside delivery directly from Delta Bluegrass. There is a delivery fee for orders under 1,000 square feet. Delta Bluegrass also offers installation services that we can coordinate for you. Prices vary depending on square footage; please see your store for details.

Here’s a few things you’ll need for installation:

  1. Sod Roller (Rent one at any Green Acres location. Deposit is refunded in full upon return.)
  2. Sod Knife
  3. Bolero™ Sod & Seed Starter
  4. Bolero™ Lawn Food
  5. Proper Irrigation

Types of Sod

Did you know we offer multiple varieties of sod? Our staff can help you choose the right sod for your location:

rolls of turn grass on a pallet

  1. Bolero Plus™ 90% dwarf fescue, 10% bluegrass: Excellent drought tolerance and disease resistance; beautiful dark blue-green winter color; slower growing, fewer clippings.
  2. Blue Rye 50% bluegrass, 50% ryegrass: Developed for golf courses and sports fields; dark blue-green color year-round; uniform growth and quick healing.
  3. Bentgrass: Industry’s first choice for native lawn areas; thrives in full sun or partial shade; tolerates low-impact foot traffic.
  4. Tifway 419: Bermuda grass variety with a dense habit; use in high-traffic areas and athletic fields.
  5. Shade: Specifically designed to excel in full and filtered sun; contains two tall fescues and fine fescue varieties known to excel in up to 40% shade; excellent heat and wear tolerance for high-traffic areas.
  6. Mow Free: Combination of fine fescues that creates a meadow-like look; can be left unmowed; good shade resistance; works well on slopes.
  7. Baby Bermuda: Semi-dwarf form of Bermuda grass with a low, creeping habit; use for golf courses or high traffic areas; earlier spring green-up, minimal thatch, very short growth.
  8. Native Grasses: Bring a natural, meadow-like look to the landscape with two different native sods – bentgrass or mow-free blend.
  9. 100% Rye, Blue, Premium Blend: A choice of 100% ryegrass, 100% bluegrass, or a premium blend; all excellent for athletic fields and golf courses.
  10. Kurapia: Uses 60% less water once established; mowing optional; a natural pollinator; prevents soil erosion; suppresses weeds.

Special Orders

Special-order sod is paid at the time of the order. We’ll notify you when your sod arrives for pick-up, or the window of time it will be dropped at your home (based on schedules provided by Delta Bluegrass). Because sod is perishable, and may be ordered  to custom specifications, all sod is non-refundable.

New Sod Care

New sod is perishable and must be installed immediately to ensure a successful, healthy lawn. A light watering of the ground before installation is recommended, since dry soil acts like a wick and removes the moisture from the sod. Cooler ground temperatures will help prevent the roots from shock. We recommend using Bolero™ Sod & Seed Starter “preplant” fertilizer on the soil before installation.

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