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Wilted Coneflowers

Plants You Shouldn't Prune in Fall

It's natural for gardeners to feel the urge to grab their pruners and tidy things up in the Fall. However, what many don't realize is that they might be doing more harm than good. Take a look at our list below to identify the plants you should avoid pruning this fall.
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Pretty In Pink Eden Climbing Rose

Pick the Perfect Rose For Your Garden

Roses have been a timeless classic for many gardeners over the centuries, offering beautiful blooms and color year after year. Due to their well-deserved popularity, they have been created in an abundance of different varieties. From high climbers to low growing carpet roses we will break down who's who in the rose world. 
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Pruning branch on small tree

January Garden Tasks

Winter provides gardeners the chance to reflect, recharge and plan new projects for the coming year. It's much easier to visualize and plan for seasons ahead while our gardens are fairly bare, making January perfect for pruning!


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Gloves, trowel, and plant starts

August Garden Tasks

The veggie garden is exploding, the grapes are starting to color up, and, thankfully, weed and insect pests are slowing down. For August, we have some advice for you on odd looking leaves, fruit tree care, and getting busy on cool-season vegetables.



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Pruners being used on a young tree


Now that fall’s upon us, it’s time to prune a few things in your landscape. But what exactly is pruning? Pruning trims old growth to encourage new growth and blooming. Although, timing is everything. Find out if the timing is right for a few of your favorites.
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Spanish Lavender

About Lavender: Pruning and Culinary Tips

Lavender is an evergreen perennial that is perfect for the Mediterranean climate here in the Sacramento area. It is drought tolerant and thrives in the heat, requiring full sun for 6-8 hours per day. Learn how to prune and care for lavender to keep it blooming. 

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Handheld Pruning Sheers

How to Clean and Sharpen Your Hand Tools

Your tools are an investment and if maintained properly, they'll be good "partners" for years to come. Tools make tasks easier, so it’s important to keep them cleaned, sharpened, and ready-for-use. 
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Pruning Rose Bush

Pruning Roses

Learn basic rose pruning techniques. The best time to prune roses is during winter months. Use the time without leaves to get a better look at the shrub shape to determine where to thin and where to make hard pruning cuts.
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Pruning Hydrangeas

Pruning Hydrangeas: Do or Don't?

The secret to happy, healthy hydrangea blooms lies in if or when you prune. Of course, there's a lot to be said for fertilizing and providing the right location. However, those efforts will be all for not if you don't prune correctly. 
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