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Liqui-Cop Fungicidal Garden Spray

Dormant Spray Guide

When trees and shrubs lose leaves in winter, it provides a significant head start in the prevention of insects and disease that appear during the growing season. Properly timed dormant spraying prevents and kills more insects and diseases than most other sprays during the year. Read on to learn how.
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Orchids in a Window

Get to Know Houseplants

Learn care tips for a number of varieties of houseplants. From light requirements, to watering, to fertilizing and more.
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Create your own succulent pot-up

DIY: Create Your Own Succulent Pot-Up

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can create your own succulent pot-up. See our short video and five easy steps. Next time you’re in one of our nurseries, peruse the succulent tables, pick a few and make your own pot-up! 
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Building a succulent wall hanging

DIY Projects

Ready to get your hands dirty? We have seven recipe cards for garden DIY. Build a hanging succulent garden, decorate pumpkins in unique ways, and the kids will love creating a fairy garden.
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Deer in a garden

Deer-Resistant Plants

While deer-proof plants do not exist, there are a number of options that deer typically turn away from. Improve your odds by planting from our list.
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