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Deer in a garden

Deer-Resistant Plants

While deer-proof plants do not exist, there are a number of options that deer typically turn away from. Improve your odds by planting from our list.
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California Native Plants

California Native Plants

Native plants have evolved to coexist in our local geography and climate. Natives hold their own when soil is poor and water is unpredictable. California natives have several gardening advantages and come in all shapes, sizes, scents and colors.
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Lacewing on Leaf

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a system of long term preventative pest control techniques which affect only the targeted pest with minimal harm inflicted on the surrounding environment. Learn more about how to practice IPM with a few tips.
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Frost Covered Plants

Winterizing Your Yard

Prepping your yard for winter is easy with our checklist. Read on for tips about irrigation, plant care, fountains, frost protection and more.
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