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Pick Your Perfect Pumpkin

Pick your Perfect Pumpkin

A Pumpkin For Every Person!

Green Acres Nursery & Supply offers a wide variety of pumpkins perfect for decorating, carving and even eating. Here is a breakdown of some of our more popular pumpkins, squash and gourds.

$20 for All-You-Can-Carry Pumpkins

Wrap your arms around all your favorite pumpkins, if you can hold them at the register, they’re all yours for $20! Or get 50% off a single pumpkin.


The following varieties are both beautiful and delicious.
Kamo Kamo Squash
Kamo Kamo Squash
Originally from New Zealand, Kamo Kamo is a medium-small rounded squash with deep ribs and green and orange stripes. Its unusual color variation makes it a festive fall decoration, with a sweet, slightly nutty flavor.
Fairytale Pumpkin
Originally known as Musque de Provence, this is an old time favorite from France. It’s deep green when immature, and ages to a fine antique-looking sepia tone. The orange, fine-grained flesh is ideal for baking.
Lil' Pump-ke-Mon Pumpkin
Lil' Pump-Ke-Mon
Perfectly portioned white-and-orange striped pumpkins, aren’t they cute? Try stuffing and baking them, or using them as decorative bowls for autumn-spiced soup.
Lumina Pumpkin
A medium-sized ghostly white pumpkin which delivers a bright orange surprise on the inside. Spooky and delicious, Lumina is tasty for baking and will hold its color for longer if kept out of direct sunlight.
Cinderella Pumpkin
The true name of this heirloom variety from France is Rouge vif D’Etampes which is a description of its vivid red coloring. Its nickname is derived from its squat shape, which resembles the pumpkin that Cinderella’s fairy godmother turned into a carriage for her to ride in the night of the ball. No matter what you call it, this pumpkin is sure to impress as a decoration or baked into a pie.
Jarrahdale Pumpkin
Donning hues in unearthly blues, Jarrahdale is a rare heirloom pumpkin from Australia. Its golden colored flesh is mildly sweet, stringfree and great for baking. Although most people buy it for its cool color, squatty shape and deep ribs, this is also our most highly recommended pumpkin for pies.


The following varieties are notable for painting, carving, decorating or a festive fall centerpiece.
Big Max Pumkpin
Big Max
Watch out for this behemoth! Big Max is a hefty pumpkin which makes a statement with your fall-themed decorations. It has cheerful, bright orange skin and tends to have one flat side from lazing about on the ground.
Cronus Pumpkin
What sets this carving pumpkin apart is its thick stem. It’s sturdy, long-lasting and adds great character to any jack-o-lantern.
Iron Man Pumpkin
Iron Man
This indestructible pumpkin comes in a deceivingly small package. Iron Mans are orange, round, and tough as nails. We like to cut off the stems and use them as bowling balls during our annual Fall Festival.
Mini Pumpkin
The perfect size for little toddler hands, this mini pumpkin is sure to inspire ‘awww’ in your festive fall display.
Knucklehead Pumpkin
Warty and lovable, this medium-sized carving pumpkin is just begging to be transformed into a grinning witch. Will it be a good witch or a bad witch? Take one home and get creative.
One Too Many Pumpkin
One Too Many
This large barrel-shaped variety is swirled with pale pink and cream variegation. Said to resemble a bloodshot eyeball, its unusual color is sure to turn heads in a spooky Halloween theme.
Gooseneck Gourd
Gooseneck Gourd
This bright green-and-white striped serpentine gourd is somewhat bulbous at both ends, giving it a sort of avian appearance. Its hard skin makes it extremely long-lasting. It’s a fun gourd to pain or carve when dried.
Lunch Lady Pumpkin
Lunch Lady
When a couple of little warts just aren’t going to cut it, you need the bumpiest pumpkin we sell: Lunch Lady. The unusual texture and extraordinary color variation makes Lunch Lady a great addition to a Halloween or Thanksgiving display.


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