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Warm Season Flowers Planted in a Pot

Color Bowls for the Warm Season

Build Your Own Warm Season Color Bowl

Grab a pot, potting soil, and some starter fertilizer to create a beautiful display of color for a porch or patio. Show your creative side and make it your own!

Diagram shows thriller in middle of pot with alternating fillers and spillers around the thriller

Thrillers, Spillers, & Fillers

Every container should have three elements: a thriller, a spiller and a filler. Use this diagram to help you plan the layout of your own spectacular, warm season container.

For another eye-catching design, place the thriller in the back of the pot, and group spillers and fillers.

  • Thrillers
    • Begonia Partial Sun Full Shade
    • Coreopsis Full Sun
    • Elephant Ear Partial Sun
    • Foxglove Partial Sun
    • Kangaroo Paw Full Sun
    • Lavender Full Sun
    • Phlox Full Sun Partial Sun
    • Salvia Full Sun
    • Wallflower Full Sun
    • Zinnia Full Sun
  • Spillers
    • Bacopa Partial Sun
    • Creeping Jenny Partial Sun
    • Creeping Wire Vine Partial Sun
    • Million Bells Full Sun Partial Sun
    • Nasturium Partial Sun
    • Potato Vine Partial Sun
    • Thyme Full Sun
    • Verbena Full Sun
  • Fillers
    • Asparagus Fern Full Sun Partial Sun
    • Black Mondo Grass Partial Sun
    • Coleus Partial Sun Full Shade
    • Coral Bells Full Shade
    • Dianthus Full Sun Partial Sun
    • Dusty Miller Full Sun
    • Fuchsia Full Sun
    • Geranium Full Sun Partial Sun
    • Gerbera Daisy Full Sun Partial Sun
    • Nemesia Full Sun
    • Pincushion Flower Full Sun
    • Succulents Full Sun Partial Sun


Full Sun Full Sun

Part Sun Part Sun

Full Shade Full Shade

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